Community Corrections

Atchison County Community Corrections is a department that specifically deals with adult and juvenile supervision. At Atchison County Community Corrections we supervise clients who are in custody of the Juvenile Justice Authority, and also clients who are under intensive supervised probation through the court. 

Probation Guidlines

While on supervised probation, clients must comply with a number of standards such as following all the laws of the United States. All clients must also submit urine samples for testing of illegal drugs and abide by a curfew set forth by the intensive supervising officer. While on probation the client must complete a number of community service hours which depends on the amount ordered by the court. The court also rules on the amount of the fines and restitution that the offender must pay back to the state before he/she is released from supervised probation.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coordinates, organizes and directs all activities
  • Coordinates with community agencies
  • Develops rules and regulations
  • Establishes a case plan
  • Handles the intake of clients
  • Makes appropriate referrals
  • Monitors and evaluates program effectiveness
  • Provides necessary follow-up activities
  • Works with clients, adults and juveniles