Employee Email Link

Employee Email

Atchison County Employee Email Link:
https://email.atcoks.org/owa (Old Link)
https://outlook.office365.com/owa/atcoks.org/ (New Link)

Atchison County Email Policy:
Atchison County will use email to disseminate information to employees. Some of this information may be of confidential nature. Accordingly, each employee of Atchison County will be assigned an email address using either the atcoks.org or atchisonlec.org domain.

Each elected official or department head shall allow each employee at least one opportunity per workday to check email. In addition, employees may access email through webmail services or through other computers, including smart phones.

Email addresses are provided for official County business. Email may not be used for transmitting, retrieving or storing any unlawful communications, or communications of a discriminatory or harassing nature. Brief and occasional messages of a personal nature involving matters of necessity and not casual conversation may be sent and received, so long as these personal messages do not impede County business. Employees shall not send messages with non-county business content, such as jokes, anecdotes, or gossip.

All emails and other data stored on the County’s computer systems are County property. Emails and other data may be accessed, read, downloaded, or deleted in the County’s regular course of business. The County reserves the right to disclose employee e-mail messages or internet records to law enforcement or government officials or to authorized parties, without notification to or permission from the employee sending or receiving the messages.

Any employee found to be abusing the privilege of County facilitated access to electronic media or communication services shall be subject to disciplinary action including termination of employment.