Safety Committee Minutes

Atchison County

Quarterly Safety Committee Meeting

February 21, 2019


The Atchison County Safety Committee met on Thursday, February 21, 2019 in the County Commission Room. Those members in attendance were Joe Bowen, Maintenance; Dirk Saragusa, Jail; Wesley Lanter, EM; Breanna Chalfant, Community Corrections; Kim Pruett, Joint Communications; Seth Howard, Road & Bridge; Peggy House, Senior Village; Kinton Friend, Senior Village; Billie Jo Moore, Treasurer; Debbie Thompson, Appraiser; Corey Scott, EMS; and Kalee Vanderweide, County Clerk.

Minutes were recorded by Kalee Vanderweide, Secretary.

Corey Scott, Chairperson, called the meeting to order.


Minutes of January 17, 2019 Meeting – Wes Lanter motioned to approve the minutes with no corrections. Seth Howard seconded the motion.

Follow-up Accident/Incident Reports 

Road and Bridge – Employee is good after hearing a pop in his low back/right hip area.

EMS – Passenger with the motor vehicle accident had an MRI and is back to full duty. There was one day of work loss, rehab is ongoing.

First quarter training will be Defensive Driving March 13, 2019 at 10:00 am and 1:00 pm in the Commission room. This could change to Memorial Hall if more room is needed.


Accidents/Incident Reports

Maintenance – Employee was hit in the left thumb by a drill, when the bit he was using got stuck in the 4” hole.

Road and Bridge – Employee was hit in the lower back by a sign pole after someone else had unlatched a hinge on the sign truck.

Two employees were in a snow truck that rolled over due to drifts. No injuries and no damage to truck.

Employee was plowing snow during a snow storm and was unable to see, due to the snow blowing on the windshield. The truck tipped over into a ditch with minor truck damage and no injuries.

Employee was plowing snow during another snow event. Vehicle was rolled over. Employee received a right shoulder muscle strain, with no lost time.

Employee was helping a lady out of a ditch during a snow event. Employee slipped on some ice and fell on his back.

Senior Village – Employee squatted down to get retrieve shoes for a resident who was going to shower. Employee felt knee pop. Employee is on a no squatting restriction for one week.

Employee was helping a resident stand using a gait belt and two-person transfer. Resident didn’t stand and employee straining her back. Employee was administered first aid and was good.

Solid Waste – Employee was getting out of a semi and took a couple steps, slipped, and did the splits. The ground was snow packed and icy and a co-worker was blading the snow during this time. Employee had minor pain to the left leg and right shoulder.


Kim Pruett, Joint Communications, stated her CPR switched to American Heart Association and is $15.00/person. She wanted to know if the Safety Committee could pay for this.

Travis Bennett, Thomas McGee, LC (KERIT) came to give us the KERIT scorecard. Corey Scott will email it to department heads.

The next meeting has been set for Thursday, March 21, 2019. There being no further business, Wes Lanter made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Seth Howard seconded the motion.

The question was asked whether or not to rotate members on the Safety Committee every year or two so that people don’t get burnt out.

Discussion was had that everyone on Safety Committee will sign a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) form to keep incident/accident information private. It was also discussed to include the whole courthouse, since people come to the meetings that might not be on the Committee. Kalee Vanderweide will keep track of everyone who signs the forms.

Corey Scott, Jamie Madison, and Seth Howard will meet with Travis Bennett to go over the KERIT scorecard for the County, at 1:30 pm.

The next meeting has been set for Thursday, February 21, 2019. There being no further business, Dirk Saragusa made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Wes Lanter and Seth Howard seconded the motion.