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Citizens of Atchison County are eligible to receive alerts, notifications and weather warnings via phone calls, texts or email. Citizens can ensure alerts are received by registering online through the CodeRED community enrollment page. The secure, customized page allows residents and businesses to add phone numbers to their profile as well as the physical address of a home or business. On the enrollment page, one can tailor the notifications to include emergency alerts and general notifications, as well as several types of weather alerts from the National Weather Service including tornado, thunderstorm and flash flood warnings. Additionally, citizens are able to alter notifications at any time by signing up for a managed account or by simply going back in and overriding your earlier signup.  

Click on the CodeRed Logo to sign up for the alert system.  

To remove yourself from the CodeRED notification system, please complete the do not call release form & mail or email it to the Emergency Management Office. Do Not Call Release  Please note this will only opt you out of local general and emergency notifications and/or NWS notifications (if you have signed up for them). By signing and submitting the release, you are waiving all claims if members of your household or property are adversely affected in the absence of timely notice of any emergency or event. 

Another option to remove yourself from CodeRED it to click on this link Request to Stop Receiving CodeRED Notifications and follow the instructions.  

Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) are not affiliated with CodeRED and opting out of CodeRED will not stop them as WEA messages are sent by authorized government alerting authorities through your mobile carrier. Through WEA, you may receive extreme weather warnings; local emergency information; AMBER Alerts, and Presidential alerts during a national emergency. WEA will look like a push notification and include a special tone and vibration both repeated twice. For more information on these WEA messages, please consult the National Weather Service's Weather-Ready Nation page here: