Floodplain Management

Atchison County has adopted a Flood Plain Management application.

That application is the result of commitments and resolution adopted by a previous commission in 2005 & 2006 required for the citizens of Atchison County to be eligible for flood insurance and other FEMA benefits. The State of Kansas is now encouraging Atchison County to honor those previous commitments and begin a reasonable form of protection for the citizens of the county.

The adopted Management Application will be cost free.

Anyone planning to build any structure, grade, pave, place a manufactured home or long term RV, subdivide property, or store items or equipment, should complete the application and submit it for review before work begins. Atchison County’s review and approval is required to assure compliance with the Floodplain Management Code of Atchison County (10/31/2005).

The form and other supporting documents are available for download on the Atchison County website under “Property & Permits”.  If you have difficulties completing the application the county will provide limited assistance.

Also included in the Atchison Co. Kansas Floodplain Management Application are questions to assure that citizens are aware of other programs, services, and requirements. Those other services include the tax rebate program, property addressing, and sanitary waste disposal requirements. Questions can be answered by calling (913) 804-6010.

Development Permit

Atchison County Floodplain Management Resolution 1260

Atchison County Floodplain Management Resolution 1264