FEMA Map Modernization

FEMA Map Modernization

The following information is provided through a series of studies and reports by federal agencies and private contractors. Atchison County is in a process of map modernization that will refine and change the boundaries of the flood zones. The information linked to this webpage is provided to help you understand the extent of the changes.

Fact Sheet Atchison Ks – This will provide you with a general overview of the process.

Flood Zones – This is a map of Atchison County that shows the flood zones and highlights properties where residential or commercial structures will possibly be effected

GIS - This link will allow you to find details maps of your property and how the flood districts affect them. Once the photo has loaded give plenty of time for the flood zones to load.

FIS – Flood Insurance Study

If you have questions that cannot be answered by studying these documents Staff will attempt to help you at Atchison County.