Safety Committee

Mission Statement

Atchison County is dedicated to promoting the health, safety, and welfare of its employees. The task of providing communication, training, and rewards for safe work practices is assigned to the Atchison County Safety Committee and individual supervisors of county employees. The success of the safety program is dependent upon the involvement of the elected commission, the elected and appointed officials, supervisors, and the individual employees.

Atchison County Safety Committee Objectives

The Safety Committee is committed to promoting and providing a safe work environment by:

Establishing and implementing safety policies and procedures

Creating effective lines of communication

Providing opportunities for employee training

Strengthening management support of safety

Atchison County Safety Committee Members

Anyone who has any safety concerns or issues within a county facility is encouraged to contact any member of the Atchison County Safety Committee. Members are listed below:


CommissionQuinn, Casey423 N 5th Street Atchison, KS
Community CorrectionsCrockett, Cathy729 Kansas Avenue Atchison, KS
County AppraiserCopeland, Courtney423 N 5th Street Atchison, KS
County AttorneySneller, Kelly423 N 5th Street Atchison, KS
County ClerkPhillips, Michelle423 N 5th Street Atchison, KS
County ClerkVanderweide, Kalee        Secretary 423 N 5th Street Atchison, KS
County TreasurerThomas, Teresa 423 N 5th Street Atchison, KS
Human ResourcesMoore, Jodi                            Chairperson423 N 5th Street Atchison, KS
Human Resources Smith, Melissa423 N 5th Street Atchison, KS
Joint CommunicationsPruett, Kim518 Parallel Street Atchison, KS
MaintenanceOswalt, Brian423 N 5th Street Atchison, KS
Register of DeedsBurton, Blair423 N 5th Street Atchison, KS
Road & BridgeGenail, Emily                     Vice-Chair/Records Clerk 613 S 22nd Street Atchison, KS
Senior VillageEllis, John1419 N 6th Street Atchison, KS
SheriffJohansen, Kelly518 Parallel Street Atchison, KS
Transfer StationWaggle, Staci8575 Neosho Road Atchison, KS