Atchison County Resolutions

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Levy a tax not to exceed one mill for county bridges
100106/09/1982Levying Co Gross Earnings Tax Atchison County 1982
100208/18/1982Levying Co Gross Earnings for 1983 and thereafter
100311/10/1982Authorizing a non exclusive community antenna television system franchise
1003a11/29/1982Cooperation agreement on local housing finance law with Labette County
100412/27/1982Noxious Weed Transfer into Noxious Weed Capital Outlay Fund
100512/27/1982Portion of Road #2 be vacated in 29-5-19, Lancaster Township
100612/27/1982Vacation of Road #115 Sec 17 & 18-7-18, Benton Township
100701/12/1983To issue Agricultural Development Bonds with other counties
100801/07/1983De annex S1/2 NW1/4 35-5-20 for City of Atchison
Back Taxes
101001/24/1983Foreclosure of property with delinquent taxes
101103/06/1983Levy Co Gross Earnings Tax for 1984 and Thereafter
101207/25/1983Issuance of IRB by Atchison City to finance Northwest Pipe Improvements
101307/27/1983Cancellation of outstanding County Warrants two years old
101408/01/1983Compensation of County Attorney
101509/26/1983Fixed Assets
101610/10/1983Resignation of Garry Newquist as Director EMS
101710/14/1983Void General Fund Warrant 1596 and replace it with Warrant No. 1636
101810/19/1983Sale of Mineral Rights by public sale
101911/18/1983Sale and issuance of deeds for Mineral Interest
102012/19/1983Cancellation of General Fund Warrant 1939 and replace it with Warrant No. 2030
102101/06/1984Cancellation of General Fund Warrant 203
102202/22/1984Correcting erroneous clerical error on tax assessment for Orville Abramson Mineral Rights
102302/29/1984Cancellation of Ambulance Warrants 1948 to 1957 and replaced with Warrants No. 1974 thru 1983
102403/23/1984Regulations for hauling and disposing of Solid Waste
102503/16/1984Cancellation of Co General Warrant 1115 and replace it with a new warrant issued to District Court
102605/02/1984Cancellation of Appraiser Fund Warrant 735 and replaced with a new warrant
102705/02/1984Cancellation of Nursing Home Warrant #3579 and replaced with a new warrant
102806/18/1984To rebuild bridges in Atchison County to a width of no less than 20 feet
102908/01/1984Abating the outstanding account receivables of Agnes Arensberg from the Noxious Weed Fund
103009/05/1984Election to the voters on imposing a 1% sales tax for improvement of public roads, facilities with Atchison Co and City
103110/03/1984Settlement Agreement as negotiated by the railroads in the Kansas 4R Cases
103210/19/1984Correcting erroneous clerical error on tax assessment of Orville Abramson Mineral Rights
103311/07/1984Cancellation of Special Bridge Warrant 684 and replace with warrant 697
103411/21/1984Annexation of Land for Shannon Industrial Park
103503/08/1985Cancellation of Nursing Home Warrant # 2214A
1035 A12/30/1984Cancellation of County General Warrant # 3882
103603/11/1985Cancellation of Road & Bridge Warrant # 3648 and replaced with Warrant # 4129
103707/10/1985Sale of Lot 12, Block 8, City of Huron
103807/24/1985Transferring $4,117.59 from Road & Bridge into Special Machinery Fund
103907/24/1985Transferring $94,000.00 from Road & Bridge into Special Machinery Fund
104007/24/1985Transferring $5,000.00 from Noxious Weed Fund into Noxious Weed Capitol Outlay 1983
104107/24/1985Transferring $5,000.00 from Noxious Weed Fund into Noxious Weed Capitol Outlay 1984
104211/15/1985Cooperation Agreement on Local Residential Housing Finance Law
104303/07/1986Unlawfully using weapons on property owned or maintained by Atchison County
104404/18/1986Banning together with other counties on legal representation for the rural housing
104504/21/1986Cancellation of Appraiser Warrant # 1247 and replace with Warrant # 1250
104605/05/1986Cancellation of Nursing Home Warrant # 5507 and replace with Warrant # 799
104705/21/1986Request by B & D to vacate a public road
104806/11/1986Request by City of Atchison to dissolve a nuisance abatement lien 
104907/14/1986Amending Description of road to be vacated by B & D Equipment
105008/08/1986Transferring $145,947.00 from Road & Bridge into Special Machinery Fund 1985
1050 A07/21/1986Decline of vacation of West 1/2 of Road 224 in Shannon Twp 12/5/20 & 13/5/20
105109/05/1986Cancellation of County Warrants two years old or older
105209/05/1986Cancellation of Nursing Home Warrant # 920 and replace with Warrant # 204
Division of rock be equally divided among all quarries
105404/17/1987Speed Limit along Mt. Vernon Road from Mt. Vernon Cemetery to City Limits set to 30 MPH
105507/24/1987Cancellation of County General Warrant # 9323 and replace with Warrant # 9541
105607/24/1987Cancellation of Solid Waste Warrant # 3032 and replace with Warrant # 3068
10571987Designating non smoking areas
1057 A10/07/1987Purchasing Policy
105802/03/1988Authorizing the execution and delivery of a cooperation agreement to the Kansas Local Residential Housing Finance Law 
105906/29/1988Burning when there is a lack of moisture
106006/29/1988Refund of properties purchased in tax sale
106107/01/1988Supporting the re-opening of Vliets to Parnell Railroad Line
106208/03/1988Putting a question of the ballot for sales tax
106309/21/1988Speed Limit reduction on Old Highway 73 south to St. Pat’s turnoff to 45 MPH
106411/09/1988Cancellation of County General Warrant # 2506 replaced with Warrant # 145
10651988Voided accounts receivable that have not been collected at the Atchison Senior Village for five years
106603/01/1989Sale of property on tax sale
106703/15/1989To allow Cereal Malt Beverage on Sunday
106803/13/1989Burning Ban
106904/12/1989Cancelling outstanding warrants five years old or older
107005/11/1989Construction requirements of electric fences
107106/12/1989Vacation of Road No. 192 Shannon Township 16 & 15 5-20
107207/28/1989Refunding back money from tax sale property purchased by Steve Caplinger
107310/16/1989Cancellation of Co General Warrant 2030, replaced with Warrant 2861
107410/27/1989Purchasing property from USD #409 for $8, 100 in Block 96, Old Atchison
107511/03/1989Allowing hunting on county property known as County Lake
107601/01/1990Adopting the policy and procedures for Atchison County Employees
107712/01/1989Errors on property on tax rolls
107803/28/1990Cancellation of ASV Warrant 1308, replaced with warrant 1914
107903/28/1990Cancelling outstanding warrants that are two years old or older
108004/27/1990Vacating certain alleys in Arrington, Block 5 Kapioma Township
108107/16/1990Not accepting waste tires at Transfer Station 1 & 2
108201/07/1991Cancellation of Co General Warrants 1732 & 1938, Replacing with Warrants 1732A & 1738A
108301/09/1991Cancelling outstanding warrants that are two years old or older
108401/09/1991Establishing a policy for providing health insurance for county employees
108503/20/1991Establishing a solid waste fee for Atchison County Property owners
108604/24/1991Cancellation of Co General Warrant 2171, Replacing with Warrant 2172A
108704/24/1991Establishing a limited and temporary moratorium on the establishment and construction of salvage yards pending adoption of sanitary codes
108806/05/1991Establishing a limited and temporary moratorium on salvage yards
108909/23/1991Transfer $9,550.35 from Co General Maintenance Fund into Co General Capitol Outlay and Improvement Fund
109007/19/1991Establishing policy & procedures tax exemptions and incentives for Economic Development
109101/27/1992Enterprise zone and incentives
109201/27/1992Establishing an enterprise zone within Atchison County
109301/29/1992Establishing 75 Cent charge for 911
109408/10/1992Establishing cooperation agreement pursuant to KSA 12-2908
109512/30/1992Establishing a Regional Economic Development Organization
109612/31/1992Cancellation of Co General Warrant 7970, replacing with Warrant 8211
109701/01/1993Supporting a regional strategic plan (Rescinded 2/26/1993)
109901/28/1993Judicial foreclosure on tax sale
110002/26/1993Rescinding Resolution # 1097, adopting new resolution on Strategic Planning
110102/26/1993Finalizing the Strategic Plan
110202/26/1993Purchases made by County Departments
110304/30/1993All Terrain vehicles at County Lake
110405/24/1993911 Addressing for County Residences
110506/25/19931% Sales Tax for Joint Communication and Solid Waste
110606/21/1993Joint Resolution and Ordinance for Joint Communications (Rescinded 3/18/2014 with Resolution 2014-1390)
1106A08/11/1993Transfer $8,597.40 from Sooner Reappraisal to the Reappraisal Account
110708/11/1993To Purchase land for Transfer Station NW1/4 1-6-19
110808/11/1993Levying a 1% Sales Tax Countywide (Rescinded 11/21/2022 with Resolution # 2022-1511) 
110908/30/1993Conveyance of Real Estate 1-6-19
111011/03/1993Equipment Lease Purchase Dispatching Equipment
111111/01/1993Prohibiting Yard Waste at County Landfill
111212/17/1993Providing for time clock by All County Employees
111301/24/1994Long Distance Phone Calls
111401/24/1994Use of County Vehicles
111501/26/1994Establish Personal Days
111601/26/1994Organizational Meeting for 1994
111701/27/1994Designating County Doctors for work related injuries
111803/30/1994Approving Annexation of property in City of Atchison SW1/4 26-5-20
111903/30/1994Camping permits at County Lake (Rescinded 05/02/1994)
112005/02/1994Revision of Camping Permits at County Lake Rescinded Resolution # 1119 (Rescinded 02/03/1999)
112105/18/1994Levy Taxes for Mental Health Services
112206/10/1994Work Release for Inmates
112306/29/1994Reimbursement of Expenditures from Bond Money for work at ASV
112407/06/1994Commercial Truck on County Asphalt Roads
112507/08/1994Promoting Economic Growth and Development
112607/08/1994Real Estate sold at Tax Sale
112708/24/1994Declaring Sericea Lespedoza as a Noxious Weed
112808/24/1994Adopting names of roads in Atchison County for 911
112911/21/1994Authorizing the County to levy not to exceed 2 mills to remodel older part of ASV
113012/21/1994County Jail to be smoke free
113101/30/1995Cancellation of Co General Warrant 12606, Replacing with Warrant 12857
113203/01/1995Cancelling outstanding warrants two years old or older
113304/17/1995Authorizing sale of 1.4 million in general obligation bonds
113404/17/1995Designating a revitalization area for Atchison County
113505/03/1995Modifying agreement with the State of Kansas and Social Security on SS and Medicare coverage on Election Board Wages
113605/10/1995On Issuing General Obligation Bonds for Nursing Home
1136A08/02/1995Interlocal Agreement between City of Atchison and USD # 409 on NRA
113708/02/1995Interlocal Agreement between City of Effingham and USD # 377 on NRA
113808/16/1995Housing of City of Atchison Inmates
113908/30/1995Amending Personnel Policy on Orientation
114009/15/1995Cancellation of CO General Warrant 15387, Replacing with Warrant 15727
114111/17/1995Sale of Property by Sealed Bid
114202/21/1995Ratifying City of Atchison Ordinance No. 5092 Vacating Fourteenth St. between "O" and "P" Bakewell Heights
114303/01/1996Supporting Strategic Plan for Economic Development
114403/20/1996Cancellation of Co General Warrant 14603 and 14834, Replacing with Warrant 14985
114506/14/1996Support for Regional Strategic Plan
114606/18/1996Cancellation of Road Warrant 16663, Replacing with Warrant 16140
1146A06/14/1996Confirming a Regional Economic Development Organization has been Established
114707/26/1996Clarifying Resolution #1129 Payment of Bonds for ASV
114810/04/1996Cancelling Checks issued by the County Treasurer that are Outstanding
114910/09/1996County Support of Regional Strategic Plan and Regional Incentives
115001/08/1997Cancellation of Co General Warrant 15585, Replacing with Warrant 17040
115102/05/1997Supporting the Improvement of the Infrastructure System at Shannon Industrial Park 
115202/28/1997Stating that Intangible Taxes in Certain Townships be Abated as per SBTA Order
115303/07/1997Cancelling Outstanding Warrants that are Two Years Old or Older
1153A03/14/1997Ordering Tax Sale of Delinquent Real Estate
115404/16/1997Support of Strategic Plan for Atchison County
115504/28/1997Cancellation of Community Correction Warrant 17651 and Reissue Warrant 66
115605/28/1997Passing of the Revitalization Plan
115706/27/1997Cancellation of ASV Warrant #557 and Reissue Warrant 896
115807/07/1997Cancellation of Law Enforcement Warrant #577 and Reissue Warrant #985
115908/01/1997Cancellation of ASV Warrant #1311 and Reissue Warrant #1702
116008/06/1997Appointment of James Lampe as County Appraiser for four years
116110/15/1997Not to abate or refund any taxes prior to 1989
116211/10/1997Establishing assistance to other counties, cities and townships during disasters
116301/09/1998Cancellation of Road Warrant #7901 and Reissue Warrant #7997
116402/06/1998Cancelling outstanding warrants that are two years old or older
116502/25/1998Asking legislature to remove caps on the demand transfer state aid program from the state general fund
116602/27/1998Special Election to impose a 1/2 cent sales tax to finance building a Law Enforcement Center
116704/03/1998Cancellation of County General Warrant #19309 and Reissue Warrant #20015
116805/01/1998Interlocal Agreement with cities of Effingham, Muscotah, Huron, Atchison, USD #377 and other municipalities who have adopted the Neighborhood Revitalization Program
116905/01/1998Adopting a Neighborhood Revitalization Program
117004/27/1998Authorizing the levy of a one half percent countywide sales tax
117105/20/1998Authorizing the sale of General Obligation Sales Tax Bonds Series 1998-A
117207/27/1998Bond Sale
117310/14/1998Adoption of Sanitary Codes
117402/03/1999Rescinding Resolution #1120 requiring camping permits at the County Lake
117502/05/1999Cancelling County Warrants outstanding for two years or older
117602/24/1999Cancellation of ASV Warrant #24510 and Reissue Warrant
117708/04/1999Cancellation of County General Warrant #25396 and Reissue Warrant
117808/27/1999Applying for the Small City Community Development Block Grant Program
117908/27/1999Taxation Policy of the Board of Atchison County Commissioners for 2020 Budget Year
118009/01/1999Support for Fire District #5
118110/01/1999Amending the Commercial Truck over County Roadways Policy
118212/01/1999Support of Regional Strategic Plan and Regional Incentives
118305/15/2000Cancellation of ASV Warrant #27659 and Reissue Warrant
118407/03/2000Appointing the County Clerk as Freedom of Information Officer for Atchison County
Establishing a rotation on towing call list
118612/04/2000Supporting Environmental Solutions to problems on water
118701/08/2001Cooperation Agreement with Sedgwick County on Residential Housing Finance Law
118801/10/2001Interlocal Agreement with other NEK Counties for Environmental Problems with Water
118902/26/2001Applying for the Small Cities Community Development Block Grant Program
119002/26/2001Long Range Financing of Operations and Maintenance Cost associated with the New House Project
119102/26/2001To Seek Funding for City of Huron and City of Lancaster to build Fire Station #5 Building
119203/07/2001Cancelling County Warrants Outstanding two years or older
119303/07/2001Cancellation of Atchison County Joint Communication Warrant #3018 and Reissue Warrant
119404/18/2001Waiving GAAP Requirements for 2000 Audit 
119504/18/2001Waiving GAAP Requirements for 2001 Audit
119608/22/2001Naming BG Engineers, Manhattan as acting County Engineer to repair or replace two bridges
119709/04/2001Selling General Obligation Bonds to Repair Bridge
119809/05/2001Authorizing Execution of an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement respecting the improvement of Brookdale Road with the City of Atchison
119909/07/2001Naming Kansas Highway 7 as the Kansas Scenic Byway
120009/10/2001Property Taxation Policy Financing the 2002 Annual Budget 
120109/11/2001Expressing Grief and Anger at the Terrorist Events of 9-11
120209/19/2001Cancellation of County General Warrant #5858 and Reissue Warrant
120310/24/2001Public Sale of GO Bonds Bridge 2001A
120411/14/2001Bond Resolution
120512/01/2002Resolution to joint KCAMP
120602/11/2002Entering into an interlocal agreement with other NEK Co Commissioners to continue to address environmental problems
120702/13/2002Cancellation of County General Warrant # 7414
120803/22/2002Cancellation of County General Warrant #7433 and Reissue Warrant
120904/26/2002Cancellation of County General Warrant #9085 and Reissue Warrant
121005/01/2002Selling of Real Estate due to Delinquent Taxes
121306/28/2002Authorizing of an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement and Escrow Trust Agreement on KS Retailers Sales Tax Proceeds
121407/31/2002Cancellation of County General Warrant # 7099 and Reissue Warrant
121508/09/2002Cancellation of County General Warrant # 32464 and Reissue Warrant
121608/30/2002Cancellation of County General Warrant # 1047 and Reissue Warrant
121709/30/2002Public Sale of $965,000 of General Obligation Refunding Bonds for ASV
121810/02/2002For Optional Life Insurance for KP&F
121910/02/2002Transfer of KPERS to KP&F
122010/04/2002Bid Policy
122110/18/2002Cancellation of County General Warrant # 2254 and Reissue Warrant
122211/20/2002Authorizing General Obligation Refunding Bonds in the amount of $970,000 
122312/04/2002Atchison County as a named party in legal action by KAC to demand transfer payment reductions by the State of Kansas
122401/06/2003Cancelling County Warrants Outstanding two years old or older
122501/10/2003Supporting Casey’s Law
122601/15/2003To Belong to KCAMP a Self Insured Pool
122706/04/2003Naming a HIPA Representative for Atchison County
122806/18/2003Adopting a Booking and Processing Fee (Rescinded 01/07/2020)
122906/18/2003Payments by Inmates to Defray Maintenance Costs
123007/23/2003Waiving GAAP Requirements for 2003 Audit
123109/03/2003Expressing the Property Taxation Policy of the BOCC with respect to Financing the 2004 Annual Budget
123209/22/2003Reappointing a Representative for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act for Atchison County
123311/21/2003Burn Ban Policy (Rescinded 03/07/2012 with Resolution No. 2012-1348)
123410/17/2003Judicial Foreclosure of Real Estate
123502/06/2004Opening Sexually Oriented Businesses in Rural Atchison
123602/24/2004Atchison County Solid Waste Management Plan
Burn Ban Rescinding Section 5 Policy (Rescinded 3/7/2012 Resolution No. 2012-1348)
123804/14/2004Atchison County Adult Entertainment Code
123904/30/2004Terminating the 1/2 Cent Sales Tax
124005/05/2004Terminating the 1/2 Cent Sales Tax
124105/14/2004To Chip and Seal the Access Road to Lewis and Clark Bike Trail
124208/04/2004Cancellation of County General Warrant # 105759 and Reissue Warrant
124309/17/2004Releasing Certain Lands from Rural Water District #1
124412/06/2004Supporting the Native American Casinos Located in Brown County
124512/10/2004Waiving GAAP Requirements for the 2004 Audit
124601/05/2005To Apply for the Small Cities Community Development Block
124701/07/2005To Join KCAMP
124801/14/2005Canceling Outstanding County Warrant two years old or older
124901/14/2005Cancelling County General Warrant # 17159 and Reissue Warrant
125002/28/2005Not to Vacate a Road in Block 1, Potter, KS
125103/07/2005Support of the Regional Strategic Plan
125203/07/2005Reconfirming a Regional Economic Development Organization has been Established
125305/09/2005Cancellation of County Road Warrant # 109363 and Reissue Warrant
125408/01/2005Setting Speed Limit on Atchison County River Road segment to 40MPH
125508/03/2005Cancelling Law Enforcement Payroll Warrant
125608/03/2005Cancelling Outstanding County Warrants two years or older
125708/22/2005Transferring the surplus one half cent sales tax into the County General Fund and then to Transfer $200,000 into Law Enforcement Capitol Outlay Fund and $128,236  into the County General Capitol Outlay Miscellaneous Fund
125809/26/2005Designating the NIMS to be used for Planning, Responding and Recovery in case of a Disaster
125910/03/2005Cancellation of County General Warrant # 15351 and Reissue Warrant # 21662
126010/31/2005Establishing the Flood Plain Program (Rescinded 07/10/2014, Resolution No. 2014-1393)
126111/30/2005Selling of Cereal Malt Beverage on Sundays
126212/19/2005Judicial Foreclosure of Delinquent Real Estate
126301/04/2006Waiving GAAP Requirements for 2005 Audit
126401/23/2006Participating in the NFIP
126502/15/2006Cancellation of Joint Communication Warrant # 1979 and Reissue Warrant # 2167
126604/03/2006Rescinding Resolution No. 1120 Revising Camping Permits at the County Lake
126705/03/2006Disposition of Surplus Property
126806/12/2006Special Election on 1/4 cent Sale Tax for the Sports Complex
126908/09/2006Restrictions on Entry and Use of Independence Creek Lewis and Clerk Historical Site
127008/16/2006Authorizing the Imposition of a Special 1/4% Countywide Retailers Sales Tax
127111/06/2006Cancelling Outstanding Warrants that are two years old or older
127211/27/2006Interlocal Agreement with the City of Atchison for the Creation of the Atchison County Economic Development Board
127301/08/2007Waiving GAAP Requirements for 2006 Audit
127401/08/2007Waiving GAAP Requirements for 2007 Audit
127501/22/2007Cancellation of County Warrants to Cellular One and Reissue Warrants
127601/31/2007Supporting Keeping The Driver’s License at Local Level
127808/22/20072008 Annual Budget to Exceed their Limit
127908/29/2007Appointing Clark Land Surveying PA as the Deputy Atchison County Surveyor
128009/12/2007Naming Clark Land Surveying PA as the County Surveyor
128110/17/2007Applying for the 2008 Small Cities Community Development Block Grant Program
128210/24/2007Continually Provide for the Operation & Maintenance of Improvements of Memorial Hall
128312/03/2007Issuing 2007 IRB for Benedictine College Dorms
128512/26/2007Petition for Annexation of Certain Lands into City of Atchison
128612/31/2007Repealing Chapter 8 Workplace Safety from Substance Abuse from the Personnel Policy of Atchison County
128701/28/2008Cancelling Outstanding Warrant that are two years old or older
128802/04/2008Establishing a Smoking Policy
128902/04/2008Establishing an Inclement Weather Policy
129002/11/2008Cancellation of Atchison County Noxious Weed Warrant # 31661 and Reissue Warrant
129103/03/2008Judicial Foreclosure on Delinquent Real Estate
129206/16/2008Cancellation of Atchison Senior Village Warrant # 5243 and Reissue Warrant
129308/20/2008Speed Limit along Sedgwick Road Between 298th and 314th Rd to 45 MPH
129409/03/20082009 Annual Budget to Exceed Levy Authority
129509/10/2008Endorsing Transportation Improvements for Atchison County
129610/22/2008To Apply for the 2009 Kansas Small Cities Community Development Block Grant
129710/22/2008That Funds will be Continually Provided for the Operation and Maintenance of Improvements for Memorial Hall
129812/01/2008Endorsing Transportation Improvement for the County of Atchison
129901/12/2009Waiving the GAAP Requirements for the 2008 Audit
130001/12/2009Waiving the GAAP Requirements for the 2009 Audit
130101/26/2009Cancelling Outstanding County Warrants that are two years old or older
130201/26/2009Cancellation of County General Warrant # 36850 and Reissue Warrant with # 37050
130302/02/2009Confirming a Regional Economic Development Organization
130402/02/2009County Support of Regional Strategic Plan and Regional Incentives
130502/11/2009Cancellation of County Road Warrant # 36861 and Reissue Warrant # 37359
130607/27/2009Cancellation of County General Warrant # 39331 and Reissue Warrant # 39337
130707/29/2009Cancellation of County General Warrant # 39073 and Reissue Warrant # 39443
130809/02/2009Setting Speed Limit on Deer Run in September Hill to 30 MPH
130909/14/2009Cancellation of County General Warrant # 38439 and Election Warrant # 38515 and Reissue Warrants # 40111 and #40131
131009/23/2009Cancellation of Law Enforcement Warrant #. 39176 and reissue with Warrant # 40128
131209/28/2009Atchison County Solid Waste Management Plan
131310/12/2009Establishment of an Emergency Agency
131410/26/2009Authorizing sale of Lot 1 to Fire District #1
131512/30/2009Waving the GAAP Requirements for the 2010 Audit
131612/23/2009Exempting certain recording fees at Register of Deeds Office
131701/13/2010Agreement with KCAMP on insurance coverage
131803/17/2010Prohibiting Alcoholic Beverages at the Atchison Sports Complex
131903/17/2010Delegating Authority to Atchison Sports Activities and Fitness Inc for Atchison Sports Complex
132004/26/2010KPERS Optional Life Insurance
132105/10/2010Noise Limitations
132205/10/2010Notification to City on Road for Annexation County Club Road
132307/12/2010Cancelling Outstanding Warrants that are two years old or older
132407/12/2010Cancellation of Community Correction Warrant No 43073 and Reissued
132508/16/2010Cancellation of Law Enforcement Warrant No 43039, Reissued with Warrant 43812
132609/01/2010Judicial Foreclosure and Sale of Real Estate Tax Liens
132710/06/2010Supporting Maintaining Retention of Judges instead of Electing Them
132810/13/2010Assuring KDOC of continuance support of Maintenance on Courthouse Elevator
132910/13/2010Legal Authority to apply for the 2011 CDBG
133012/06/2010Withdrawing from inter local agreement on Economic Development
133112/29/2010Civil Rights / Fair Housing Policy
133201/03/2011Cancellation of Atchison Senior Village Payroll Warrant # 12546 and Reissue Warrant
133301/10/2011Modifying the Atchison County Bid Policy
133402/15/2011Supporting continuance of the KS Local Environmental Protection Program and funding
133501/14/2011Nuisance Resolution
133603/14/2011Multi Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan
133704/11/2011Cancellation of Payroll Warrant # 12902 and Reissue Warrant
133805/02/2011Concerning the use of Engine Brakes on Vehicles
133907/13/2011Support of AT&T's plan to bring 4G Wireless to Atchison County
2011-134008/08/2011Biennial Occupation or License Tax Drinking Establishments RESCINDED
2011-134109/12/2011Financing the 2012 Annual Budget for Atchison County
2011-134210/17/2011To Issue Educational Facilities Revenue Bonds for Benedictine College
2011-134312/07/2011Cancellation of County Warrant to IKON
2012-134401/04/2012Registration of Scrap Metal Dealers
2012-134501/04/2012Waiving the GAAP Requirements for the 2011 Audit
2012-134601/17/2012Cancelling Two-Year-Old Warrants
2012-134702/15/2012Establishing the Atchison County 911 Fund and Combining Enhanced and E911 Funds
2012-134803/07/2012Burn Ban and Rescinding Resolutions 1233 & 1237
2012-134904/16/2012Sales Tax Refunding Revenue Bonds Sports Complex
2012-135004/16/2012Tax & Securities Compliance Procedures
2012-135104/16/2012Educational Facilities Revenue Bonds Benedictine
Lease Agreement for Energy Related to Maur Hill
2012-135406/27/2012Setting Solid Waste Service Fee on Real Estate
2012-135509/21/20122013 County Budget Exceeding the Amount of Tax Levied
2012-135612/03/2012Waiving the GAAP Requirements for the 2012 Audit
2013-135701/22/2013Disposition of 1991 Ford E350 Ambulance as Surplus Property
2013-135802/04/2013Resolution Supporting City of Atchison to KDAT Enhancement funds on River Road
2013-135902/20/2013Interlocal Agreement between City of Atchison, Atchison Hospital, and Atchison County for Financing and Equipping New Telecommunication Equipment
2013-136003/04/2013To Issue Educational Facilities Revenue Bonds for Benedictine College
2013-136103/18/2013Opening of Facilities during Periods of Inclement Weather
2013-136203/26/2013Cancelled Atchison Senior Village Warrant # 53466, Reissue with # 56256
2013-136304/26/2013Cancelled General Warrant # 56242
2013-136404/29/2013Resolution of Findings Concerning the Annexation of Land to the Atchison Airport into the City of Atchison
2013-136505/01/2013Re-organizing and Expanding the Territory of Atchison County Fire District #2
2013-136606/26/2013Setting a Service Fee for Solid Waste, Assessing the Fee on Real Property Owners and Setting the Manner of Collection (RESCINDED 10/22/2013, Resolution No. 2013-1376)
2013-136705/29/2013Re-organizing and Expanding the Territory of Atchison Fire District #3
2013-137008/26/2013Cancelled General Warrant # 55750 and Reissue Warrant
2013-137109/03/2013Issuing Educational Facilities Revenue Bonds Benedictine College
2013-137209/03/2013Appointing Appraiser, James B. Lampe
2013-137310/08/2013Rural Speed Limits for certain locations within Atchison County (Rescinded 10/14/2014, Resolution No. 2014-1397)
2013-137410/15/2013Cancelled Senior Village Warrant # 56541 and Reissue Warrant
2013-137610/22/2013Rescinding and Repealing Resolution No. 2013-1366 to abolish Solid Waste Fees
2013-137710/28/2013Cancelled General Warrant # 54896 and Reissue Warrant
2013-137810/28/2013Inter-local Cooperation Agreement for Neighborhood Revitalization Plan
2013-137911/05/2013Approving Educational Facilities Revenue Bonds with Benedictine College Series 2013C
2013-138011/19/2013Approving Bylaws and Interlocal Cooperation Agreement with KCAMP
2013-138112/03/2013Establishing User Rates (Tipping Fees) for the Transfer Station
2013-138312/31/2013Processing and Mapping Original Land Descriptions Requiring a Survey
2013-138401/14/2014Cancelled General Warrant # 58817and Reissue Warrant
2014-138501/21/2014Promulgating Atchison County Emergency Operations Plan
2014-138601/21/2014Urging Kansas Legislature and Gov Brownback to retain Mortgage Registration Fees
2014-138701/21/2014Condemnation and Appropriation of Certain Real Estate for the Dalbey Bottoms Bridge
2014-138801/28/2014Cancelling Two-Year-Old Warrants
2014-138902/26/2014Waiving the GAAP Requirements for the 2013 Audit
2014-139003/18/2014Establishing a Jt. Communication Board and (Rescinded Resolution 1106)
2014-139105/06/2014Judicial Foreclosure and Sale of Real Estate Tax Liens
2014-139205/20/2014Revising Interlocal Agreement with Northeast Kansas Environmental Services 
2014-139307/10/2014Adopting New Floodplain Regulations and Rescinding Resolution # 1260
2014-139406/17/2014Revising Interlocal Agreement with Northeast Kansas Environmental Services 
2014-139509/02/2014Vacation of a Portion of Road in Shannon Township S8-T6-R20 
2014-139609/23/2014Establishing Rules for Atchison County Lake (REPEALED 3/20/2018, Resolution No. 2018-1436)
2014-139710/14/2014Modifying Rural Speed Limits for certain locations within Atchison County 
2014-139811/18/2014Adopting NEK Multi-Hazard, Multi-Jurisdiction Hazard Mitigation Plan
2014-139911/18/2014Approve Proposed Extension District
2014-140012/23/2014Establishing method of disposal of Personal and Real Estate
2014-140112/30/2014Waiving the GAAP Requirements for the 2014 Audit
2015-140201/13/2015Atchison County intention to contribute funds to the YMCA Capital Campaign
2015-140301/27/2015Tipping Fees, Establishing User Fees 
2015-140402/03/2015Cancelling Two-Year-Old Warrants
2015-140502/24/2015Adoption of the Solid Waste Management Plan
2015-140603/10/2015Authorizing collection of an application fee for court appointed counsel
2015-140703/24/2015Designating Morton Rd between Hwy 59 and 238th Rd as a County Major Collector Road
2015-140805/19/2015Resolution for Atchison County R&B to lease, purchase and or finance with CAT Financial 
2015-140906/09/2015Local State of Emergency Disaster Proclamation
2015-141006/23/2015Cancelled General Warrant # 64662 and Reissue Warrant
2015-141109/29/2015Property Tax Policy on financing 2016 annual budget
2015-141210/20/2015Concerning the annexation of land adjacent to Shannon Industrial Park to the City of Atchison
2015-141310/27/2015Lease Purchase of Oil Distributor with Exchange Bank
2016-141403/01/2016Establishing an Ambulance Advisory Board
2016-141504/26/2016Waiving the GAAP Requirements for the 2015 Audit
2016-141604/26/2016Authorizing Revenue Bond Series 2016B for Benedictine College
2016-141704/26/2016Cancelling Two Year Old Warrants
2016-141805/10/2016Judicial Foreclosure and Sale of Real Estate Tax Liens
2016-142005/31/2016Establishing Atchison County Tobacco-free Recreation Facilities
2016-142110/18/2016Authorizing Sales Tax Refunding Bond for Atchison County Sports Complex 2016A
2016-142211/08/2016KPERS to KP&F for Police Officers and Firefighters
2016-142312/20/2016Waiving the GAAP Requirements for the 2016 Audit
2017-142401/03/2017Appointing the County Clerk as the Freedom of Information Officer
2017-142506/13/2017Appointing Appraiser - Melissa Crane
2017-142606/20/2017Adopting K-Camp Bylaws and Interlocal Agreement
2017-172707/18/2017Approving Lease-purchase with Exchange Bank
2017-142809/19/2017Prohibiting Concealed Carry and Unconcealed Carry of Firearms in Certain County Bldgs.
2017-142910/17/2017Benedictine College Refunding Bonds
2017-143010/31/2017Benedictine College Refunding Bonds
2017-143112/26/2017Declaring Certain Roads in Atchison County as Minimum Maintenance Roads
2018-143201/16/2018Judicial Foreclosure and Dale of Real Estate Tax Liens
2018-143301/23/2018Declaring Certain Roads in Atchison County as Minimum Maintenance Roads
2018-143402/01/2018MOU for aid in fiber build at Shannon Industrial Park
2018-143503/20/2018Agreement for Lease-Purchase with Exchange Bank & Trust
2018-143603/20/2018Modifying Rules at the County Lake
2018-143706/12/2018Benedictine College 2018 Bond
2018-143806/19/2018Issuance of Bridge Bond
2018-143906/19/2018Vacation of Certain Roads in Arrington
2018-144008/21/2018General Obligation Bonds Series 2018
2018-144108/21/2018Policy and Procedures for Utility work on County Right-of-Way
2018-144208/28/2018Authority to Apply for the KS MIH Grant
2018-144310/23/2018911 Locator Signage
2018-144411/20/2018Waiving the GAAP Requirements for the 2017 Audit
2018-144511/20/2018Waiving the GAAP Requirements for the 2018 Audit
2018-144612/18/2018YMCA Grant Assignment Resolution
2018-144701/14/2019Waiving the GAAP Requirements for the 2019 Audit
2018-144801/29/2019Agreement for Lease-Purchase with Exchange Bank & Trust
2018-144903/26/2019Moving of Building and Structures in Atchison County
2019-145004/30/2019MARC Agreement with Joint Communication
2019-145106/04/2019Intent to Issue IRB for 1913, LLC
2019-145206/11/2019Appointment of Deborah Thompson as County Appraiser
2019-145306/25/2019Atchison County Emergency Operations Plan
2019-145407/03/20192018 Bridge Bond
2019-145507/03/2019Substitute of Bridge Bond Improvements
2019-145607/03/2019Approval for Increased Reimbursement for Jurors of Atchison County
2019-145709/03/2019Kansas Homeland Security Region K Hazard Mitigation Plan
2019-145810/29/2019Agreement for Lease-Purchase with Exchange Bank & Trust
2020-145901/07/2020Collection and Disbursement of Booking and Processing Fees
2020-146001/13/2020Waiving the GAAP Requirement for the 2020 Audit
2020-146102/04/2020Authorizing Benedictine College Educational Facilities Revenue Bonds
2020-146202/11/2020Judicial Foreclosure and Sale of Real Estate Tax Sale Liens
2020-146303/03/2020Authorizing Benedictine College Educational Facilities Revenue Bonds
2020-146403/17/2020COVID 19 Public Health Emergency Resolution
2020-146503/24/2020Atchison County Solid Waste Management Plan
2020-146605/12/2020Liquor by the Drink 
2020-146705/15/2020Extending COVID-10 Public Health Emergency Resolution
2020-146805/26/2020Confirming Emergency Order of Local Health Officer
2020-146906/16/2020Authorizing Benedictine College Educational Facilities Revenue Bonds
2020-147007/07/2020Atchison County SPARK Resolution
2020-147107/07/2020Second Resolution Extending Disaster Declaration
2020-147209/09/2020Third Resolution Extending Disaster Declaration
2020-1472 A10/06/2020Authorizing Taxable Industrial Revenue Bonds for 1913, LLC 
2020-147311/17/2020Fourth Resolution Extending Disaster Declaration
2020-147411/17/2020Amendment to the Atchison County Cafeteria Plan with Flexible Spending Arrangement
2021-147501/11/2021Fifth Resolution Extending Disaster Declaration
2021-147601/11/2021Waiving the GAAP Requirement for the 2021 Audit
2021-147702/16/2021Board Support of Senate Bill 87
2021-147802/23/2021Establishing a Meeting Schedule for the Board of County Commissioners 
2021-147904/13/2021Sixth Resolution Extending Disaster Declaration
2021-148005/25/2021Authority to Apply for the 2021 Kansas Small Cities Community Development Block Grant
2021-148106/01/2021Appointment of Deborah Thompson as County Appraiser
2021-148206/08/2021Authorizing Participation in Rural Opportunity Zone Student Loan Repayment Program
2021-148307/13/2021Approving Fourth Amended Bylaws and Interlocal Agreement with KCAMP
2021-148407/20/2021Agreement for Lease-Purchase with First Option Bank of Troy, KS
2021-148508/24/2021Authorizing Benedictine College Series 2021 Bonds
2021-148609/07/2021Authorizing Sale and Conveyance of Certain Property to 1913, LLC
2021-148709/07/2021Intent to Issue IRB Bonds (Central School)
2021-148810/05/2021Tax Sale Authority Resolution
2021-148912/14/2021Join the Statewide Litigation Regarding the Opioid Epidemic
2021-149012/28/2021Conflict of Interest Policy
2021-149112/08/2021Code of Conduct Policy
2021-149212/28/2021Transfer of Driver License Money to County Treasurer
2022-149301/10/2022Establishing Meeting Schedule for Board of County Commissioners (Repealed 1/24/2023 by Resolution 2023-1516)
2022-149401/10/2022Waiving the GAAP Requirement for the 2022 Audit
2022-149501/10/2022Authorizing Participation in ROZ Program 2022
2022-149602/15/2022Resolution Appointing Sarah J. Boeh-Cerra as Surveyor
2022-149702/15/2022Authorizing ASV Administrator to Sign Documents
2022-149802/22/2022Authorizing and Approving Benedictine College Bonds Series 2022A and 2022B
2022-149903/08/2022Resolution to Establish Uniform Guidance Policy
2022-150003/22/2022Releasing Opioid Claims to Attorney General
2022-150105/17/2022 Authorize Payment of the Costs of Improvements to Existing or Proposed Roads
05/17/2022 Authorizing the Offering for Sale of General Obligation Bonds
2022-150305/24/2022Authorizing a Historic Preservation Easement Agreement
2022-150406/14/2022Resolution Authorizing & Directing Issuance, Sale and Delivery of General Obligation Bonds
2022-150506/14/2022Resolution Declaring that Certain Real Estate No Longer Needed and Authorize Said Sale R2414
2022-150606/14/2022Resolution Declaring that Certain Real Estate No Longer Needed and Authorize Said Sale R8384
2022-150706/21/2022Agreement for Lease-Purchase with Exchange Bank & Trust
2022-150808/08/2022Resolution to Repeal and Replace the 1993 Countywide General Use Retailers Sales Tax
2022-150908/23/2022To Cancel Warrants Over Two Years Old
2022-151009/20/2022To Levy a Property Tax Rate Exceeding the Revenue Neutral Rate
2022-151111/21/2022Imposing a Three-Fourths of One Percent (0.75%) Dedicated Use Retailers' Sales Tax (Repealed Resolution # 1108)
2023-151201/09/2023Waiving the GAAP Requirement for the 2023 Audit
2023-151301/09/2023Authorizing Participation in Rural Opportunity Zone Student Loan Repayment Program
2023-151401/17/2023Authorizing Amendment to Bond Trust Indenture
2023-151501/17/2023Agreement for Lease-Purchase with Exchange Bank & Trust
2023-151601/24/2023Establishing Meeting Schedule (Repealed Resolution 2022-1493)
2023-151702/14/2023Dedicating Elm Drive as Township Road
2023-151802/21/2023Approving and Supporting United State Bicycle Route 55 Through Atchison County
2023-151903/14/2023Repealing Tipping Fees for Municipal Solid Waste and Maintaining Tipping Fees for Construction and Demolition Debris
2023-152003/14/2023Establishing County Courthouse Office Hours
2023-152104/11/2023Authorizing Taxable Multi-Family Housing Revenue Bonds, Series 2023 (Central School Apartments Project)
2023-152205/09/2023Establishing Guidelines and Procedures for Opening Invocation
2023-152305/23/2023Authorizing Facilities Revenue Bonds (BC Project) Series 2023
2023-152405/30/2023Approving the Expenditure of Proceeds of Opioid Litigation Settlement Funds for Heart Monitor for EMS
2023-152506/06/2023Resolution Concerning Judicial Foreclosure and Sale of Real Estate Tax Liens
2023-152606/06/2023Placing the Atchison County Joint Communications Director under the Supervision of the Atchison County Sheriff
2023-152707/11/2023Appointment of Appraiser (Hackathorn)
2023-152808/15/2023To Cancel Warrants Over Two Years Old
2023-152909/05/2023To Exceed the Revenue Neutral Rate for 2024 Atchison County Budget
2023-153011/13/2023Support for the Application of the Atchison County Housing Project
2023-153112/05/2023To Cancel Warrants Over Two Years Old
2024-153201/08/2024Waiving the GAAP Requirements for the 2024 Audit
2024-153301/08/2024Authorizing 2024 Participation in Rural Opportunity Zone Student Repayment  Program 
2024-153402/06/2024Agreement with Kansas Workers Risk Cooperative for Counties (KWORCC)
2024-153502/13/2024Authorizing Sale and Conveyance of Central School Apartments, LLC