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Tax Sale Information
What Every Purchaser Needs to Know
  1. All bidders must register and obtain a number to be used during the auction the day before or the morning prior to the sale by going to the County Treasurers office to begin the process. Only individual persons will be allowed to register to bid. Anyone wishing to register a partnership or corporation must have the approval of the County counselor, which, in part, will be based upon a full disclosure of the partners, officers, directors and stockholders.
  2. Do not register under any name but your own. All buyers must be present.
  3. You cannot bid on any parcel if you were the owner or mortgagee at any time when any part of the tax lien became due. Basically, if you have had some connection with a sale property when the taxes became due, do not bid before checking your eligibility to buy. You cannot buy tax sale property if you are responsible for any delinquent tax on any other real estate in Atchison County. (K.S.A. 79-2804c)
  4. If you sell, give or convey any property purchased at this sale to any person who is not eligible to buy at this sale, you are liable for an amount equal to the original tax judgment lien and interest thereon from the date of this sale.
  5. Terms of sale: Cash. Only first party personal checks signed by the registered bidder on Kansas banks will be accepted, unless otherwise approved by the County Counselor. Checks pre-signed by a party not present at the sale will not be accepted. All checks will be deposited immediately by the Sheriff following the sale.
  6. As a result of this Sheriff's Sale, all 2009 and prior years' taxes, will be discharged. The purchaser will be responsible for payment of all taxes and specials for 2009 and subsequent years.
  7. The Sheriff is selling real estate only. He has no authority to sell personal property left on the premises. If there is personal property upon the premises the owner thereof believes he has 60 days to remove said property. You may wish to seek the advise of your attorney regarding your rights.
  8. A Sheriff's Deed will be issued in the name of the registered bidder only. When the deed is filed it shall vest in the purchaser or grantee therein named, as against all persons including but not limited to, corporations and municipal corporations, parties to such proceedings, a fee simple title thereto subject only to valid covenants running with the land and valid easement of record in use and subject to taxes and interest which have become a lien thereon, subsequent to the date upon which such judgment was rendered.
  9. A minimum bid of $20.00 will be required from each successful purchaser of which $12.00 will be applied on the recording fee charged by the Register of Deeds. Your deed (or deeds) will be filed directly with the Register of Deeds on your behalf. After recording, the original deed will be forwarded to you at the address you provide at the registration desk.
  10. Neither Atchison County, Kansas, the Sheriff of Atchison County, nor any of their agents, make any representation concerning the value, quality, condition or potential of property offered for sale. Property is AS IS. The purchaser should make any such determination independently of these proceedings.
  11. If after the sale of real estate of foreclosure for taxes it shall be adjudged that the sale of foreclosure on a parcel is invalid or void, the board of county commissioners shall by proper order cause the money paid therefore at the sale, together with such subsequent taxes and charges paid thereon by the purchaser or such purchaser’s assigns to be refunded, with interest on such amount at the rate prescribed by statute, and amendments thereto, upon the delivery of a quitclaim deed from the party holding under the sheriff’s deed, executed to such person or persons as the commissioners shall direct in such order. In all such cases no interest shall be allowed after the person claiming under the sheriff’s deed shall have received actual notice that such deed has been adjudged invalid or void.
  12. If you have any questions regarding your eligibility to bid or the terms of sale, please ask any representative of Atchison County or the auctioneers prior to commencement of the bidding process.
  13. If after reading the above information and you have any questions or need additional information following the sale, you may call Patrick Henderson, County Counselor at (913) 367-1912
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