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Filing a Plat
Subdivision Plat
A subdivision plat is a survey conducted to subdivide land into multiple parcels of land, including lots, blocks, streets, alleys, easements, etc.

Checklist for Filing a Plat
Listed below is a basic checklist of what must be included on an original plat being submitted for recording. All plats must be on mylar and a $23 recording fee is required:
  • Legal description of platted area
  • Owner’s certificate and signature(s) (owners listed must be same as on the deed)
  • Notary certificate or acknowledgement (all owners’ signatures must be acknowledged)
  • Surveyor’s certificate, with signature and seal
  • Review certificate by appointed Atchison County Surveyor.
  • Dedication of public streets, alleys, and easements, etc. (found in owner’s certificate)
  • Signature of the county commissioners and or city commissioners.
  • Copy of paid tax receipt

Description / Size Fees
18 inches by 24 inches $23
24 inches by 36 inches $23
8 inches by 14 inches $12
11 inches by 17 inches First Page - $12
Additional Pages - $8
24 inches by 36 inches $23