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Safety Committee
Atchison County
Quarterly Safety Committee Meeting

July 16th, 2015

The Atchison County Safety Committee met on Thursday, July 16th, 2015 at Community Corrections.  Those members in attendance were: Melissa Smith, Community Corrections; Courtney Calhoon, Human Resources; Emily Komar, County Clerk’s Office; Debbie Thompson, Appraiser’s Office; Dirk Saragusa, Sheriff’s Dept; and Phyllis Schwarzer, Senior Village. 

Those department heads in attendance were: Wes Lanter, EP/County IT; Seth Howard, Road & Bridge; Joe Bowen, Maintenance; and Pauline Lee, County Clerk’s Office.

Minutes were recorded by Melissa Smith, Secretary.

Wes Lanter, Chairperson, called the meeting to order.


Minutes of June 18th, 2015 Meeting

Phyllis Schwarzer motioned to approve the minutes with no additions and/or corrections.  Seconded by Dirk Saragusa.

Follow-up Accident/Incident Reports

Senior Village employee who fell after a mop ringer broke while she was squeezing out the mop is still on light duty; however, this does not interfere with her work tasks.

The Senior Village employee who was punched in the face by a resident and received a concussion has been released as of July 1st, 2015. 

Facility Inspections

Joe Bowen & Dirk Saragusa still have the Law Enforcement Center & the courthouse to complete.  The findings will be emailed to Melissa so that she can forward to the departments.

RAG Funds

There is a total of $1,251.00 remaining.  Community Corrections will be utilizing $551 to furnish & install an emergency exit fixture with an emergency light & battery backup; an LED egress light & repair existing four foot fixtures in the back storage room.  This was part of the facility inspection finding.

Road & Bridge will be using the remaining $700 for barricades.




Accident/Incident Reports

An employee at Solid Waste injured his left shoulder while lifting toilets from a local plumbing company’s pickup truck.  Since there was not a Solid Waste representative present, Wes stated he would go talk to the employee & supervisor after the meeting to find out if any days were missed and if he went to the doctor.

A Senior Village employee strained her lower back when she was trying to keep a resident from falling while transporting her from the toilet to the wheelchair.  There were no days missed and she was placed on light duty for six (6) days.  She has been released from light duty as of July 1st, 2015. 

Another employee at Senior Village was punched in the face by the same resident who has dementia.  Employee was attempting to lift the leg rest on the recliner when he hit her.  Employee was knocked out.  She went to Business Health and was diagnosed with a concussion.  She missed four (4) days of work.  Due to previous treatment being unsuccessful the resident was given thirty (30) days’ notice that he would no longer be able to remain at the nursing home.

A discussion was held on what forms the board are required to receive regarding accidents.  They are the following:

- Accident Report;
- Business Health Work Status Report; and
- Follow-up Report 

3rd Quarter Training

A date has not been set; however, we still plan to have a First Aid/CPR training for our 3rd quarter training.  The training will be completed in middle or late August by Chad Beckley, EMS, at the Wallace Building next to the current EMS building. 


Wes stated that he purchased thirty-eight (38) first aid kits @ a cost of $13.32/each to place in all departments and some county vehicles.  He will be distributing them today.

The next meeting has been set for Thursday, August 20th, 2015.  There being no further business Dirk Saragusa motioned to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Joe Bowen.