County Counselor


Atchison County has appointed Patrick Henderson as County Counselor.  Counselor Henderson is a civil attorney, and provides legal counsel to the County.  


The duties of the County Counselor include the following:

  • Represents the County generally in matters of civil law.
  • Attends meetings of the Board of County Commissioners, including attending most Executive Sessions.
  • Responds to inquiries made by County Commissioners and other county officials.
  • Provides advice upon legal questions that arise and assists the County on all legal matters referred to the Counselor.
  • Commences, prosecutes or defends, as the circumstances require, all civil suits or actions in which the County is interested, and represents the County generally in all matters of civil law, except where outside legal counsel has been retained.
  • Prepares resolutions, briefs, opinions, legal pleadings and other legal documents.
  • Conducts necessary legal research; maintains case records and prepares reports.
  • Reviews case law and legislation for impact on county operations.
  • Examines, advises and prepares deeds, bonds, contracts and other legal documents.
  • Reviews accounts payable claims for legal sufficiency.
  • Initiates, prosecutes and completes real estate tax foreclosure cases pursuant to K.S.A. 79-2801, et seq.
  • Advises the Human Resources Director on matters of employee procedures, job descriptions, and training in human resources matters.
  • Reviews and edits policy drafts prepared by county staff.
  • Confers with township boards on road right of way issues and the duties and responsibilities of board members.
  • Carries out other duties as assigned by the Board of County Commissioners.