District Court

The following information is available at the District Court:

  • Marriage records – 1855 to present
  • Probate records – 1855 to present
  • Naturalization records – 1858 to 1953
  • Costs:
    • $ .25 per copy
    • $ 1.00 per certification
    • $12.00 per hour of research

Marriage License Information

Effective December 18, 2020, all marriage license applications must be completed online. Please visit the Kansas Judicial Branch's Marriage License Web Page for the application forms, complete instructions and other information. 

To obtain certified copies of your marriage license, you must contact the Office of Vital Statistics at (785) 296-1400. 

Please call (913) 804-6060 with any questions.

NEWS RELEASE: Kansas courts now accept marriage license applications online (December 18,2020). 

Small Claims Court Information

The purpose of small claims court is to provide informal procedure for people to settle small legal disagreement and collections without an attorney. There are no attorneys allowed, unless an attorney is suing someone. In that the case the other party is allowed to have an attorney as well. Each party is allowed to go to court and present their case to the district judge. After the evidence is provided by each party, the judge then rules on the case. 


  • Claim must be less than $4,000
  • Must be 18 years old to file claim or have claim filed against you
  • Cannot file more than 20 claims in one year
  • The person filing the claim must fill out a Petition
  • The person being sued must be served an official summons notice to appear
  • The person filing the claim must furnish the address of defendant.

If the claim meets all these requirements then you are able to go to the District Court Office and file the claim. A summons and defendant’s claim will be issued to the sheriff for service on the defendant. If you settle the case before the hearing date, notify the court at once so that the case can be dismissed.