The Atchison County Treasurer's Office collects all real estate and personal property taxes for the County. If you are on the Neighborhood Revitalization program taxes need to be paid in full and on time to receive the refund. The 1st half of taxes are due December 20th and the 2nd half on May 10th. Please be sure to include your tax statement stub(s) when paying your taxes so one won't be missed.

We distribute monies to taxing entities seven times a year and make estimates and yearly financial reports to the cities and schools.

Vehicle Registration

Our office does vehicle registrations for our customers in our county. Registration renewals may be done on line if your insurance company has listed your vehicle with the state and your insurance information comes up on line. The web site and pin number is on your renewal form. By mail you must include a copy of your proof of insurance and sign the renewal form.

Appointments are required if completing the following transactions:

  • All commercial transactions
  • Titling and Registering more than two vehicles (this includes new purchases or title transactions such as adding transfers on death (TOD) or branding antique)
  • More than 10 renewals

Please call 913-804-6050 or email to make an appointment. 

We do accept credit and debit cards in the office but not by phone or mail. There is a convenience fee charge to use your card.

When registering a new vehicle purchase be sure and bring in your title or certificate of origin, proof of insurance on the new vehicle, bill of sale or purchase order, Kansas sales tax receipt, notarized lien release, repossession affidavit or any other documentation provided to you in order for you to title your vehicle. If you have an out of state title you'll need a Kansas vehicle inspection. The Sheriff's office does inspections Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and they charge $20.00 cash. They need to see your vehicle and title. If you are transferring a tag from a vehicle you sold or traded into a dealership you will need to bring in that vehicle's registration to transfer the tag to your new vehicle