Safety Committee Minutes

Atchison County

Safety Committee Meeting


October 17, 2019


The Atchison County Safety Committee met on Thursday, October 17, 2019 in the County Commission Room.  Those members in attendance were: Brian Oswalt, Senior Village; Joe Bowen, Maintenance; Jodi Moore, Treasurer; Kim Pruett, Joint Communications; Melissa Smith, Human Resources; Jamie Madison, Human Resources; Debbie Thompson, Appraiser; Corey Scott, EMS; Kalee Vanderweide, County Clerk; and Jay Harbour, Public Works.

Minutes were recorded by Kalee Vanderweide, Secretary.

Corey Scott, Chairperson, called the meeting to order.


Minutes of September 19, 2019 Meeting – Jamie Madison motioned to approve the minutes with one correction noted.  Melissa Smith and Kim Pruett seconded the motion. 

Follow-up Accident/Incident Reports 

EMS – Employee involved in the ambulance wreck is receiving rehab and back to full duty and receiving steroid injections in his neck.

Jamie Madison made a motion to apply the security film to the Personal Property window.  Melissa Smith seconded the motion. 

Joe Bowen will get estimates for the security film for the courts and new window costs.  Jamie Madison made a motion to get bids for the security film for courts.  Melissa Smith seconded the motion. 

Brian Oswalt asked if security cameras at Senior Village could be used for the RAG money. 

The County Christmas Party plans are still underway.  Food options from Liz Wagner will be presented at the next meeting.  Food option for people working during the party is JW’s Boys BBQ.      


Accident/Incident Reports

Solid Waste – Employee was hit in the face by a 1X4 board that a customer was unloading. 

Road & Bridge – Employee cut his leg slightly as he was going underneath a barbed wire fence. 


The next meeting has been set for Thursday, November 21, 2019.  There being no further business, Melissa Smith made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Kim Pruett seconded the motion.