Safety Committee Minutes

Atchison County


Safety Committee Meeting

January 28, 2021

The Atchison County Safety Committee met on Thursday, January 28, 2021 via the Zoom platform.  Those members in attendance were: Amanda Dishong, Appraiser; Kalee Vanderweide, County Clerk; Jodi Moore, Treasurer; Kim Glover, Road & Bridge; Jamie Madison, Human Resources; Shelley Campbell, Register of Deeds; Eric Noll, County Commissioner; Dirk Saragusa, Jail; Kim Pruett, Joint Communication; Shelly Nelson, Community Corrections; Sherri Becker, County Attorney; Debbie Thompson, Appraiser; Melissa Smith, Human Resources; Haley Tinch, Senior Village; and Brian Oswalt, Senior Village.

Minutes were recorded by Kalee Vanderweide.

Amanda Dishong, Chairperson, called the meeting to order.


Minutes of December 10, 2020 Meeting - Kim Pruett made a motion to accept the minutes as changed (added Kim Pruett to the attendance).  Melissa Smith seconded the motion.  The motion passed.  

Follow-up Accident/Incident Reports

Atchison Senior Village – There were two different lifting injuries for two different employees.   Both employees are on modified duty. 

EMS – Employee is still working full time, but still being treated as needed for injury. 


First quarter training discussion was held.  Ideas include: Supervisor Training with Travis Bennett, Defensive Driving Class, Fire Drill, Tornado Drill, and Incident/Accident Training.  Jamie Madison stated she had an upcoming KERIT (Kansas Eastern Regional Insurance Trust) Supervisor and Accident Investigation training set up for Thursday, February 11, 2021.  Jamie Madison made a motion to use the KERIT Supervisor and Accident Investigation training as the first quarter training.  Sherri Becker and Kim Pruett both seconded the motion. The motion passed. 


Jamie Madison had a weekly KERIT webinar and went over the scorecard.  Atchison County is currently getting a 4.5% discount for 9 points.   

A thank you card was given to the Safety Committee for the Christmas appreciation given to employees. 

The left-over cups from Christmas appreciation belong to the Wellness Committee and the left-over gift cards were paid for by the Safety Committee.  Kim Pruett made a motion to do drawings for the remaining gift cards.   Dirk Saragusa seconded the motion.   The motion passed.

Brian Oswalt with Atchison Senior Village requested to use the RAG (Risk Avoidance Grant) money if it was still available to purchase more security cameras for the nursing home.  These cameras would cover additional areas that are not already being monitored. 

The next meeting has been set for Thursday, February 18, 2021.  There being no further business, Shelly Nelson made a motion to adjourn the meeting.   Jamie Madison seconded the motion.   The motion passed.