Fish and Game

Purchasing Licenses

The county Clerk's office sells Fish and Game licenses over the counter. Licenses can also be purchased over the internet through Kansas Wildlife and Parks.

Fish and Game and Hunting Regulations are also available in the Clerk’s office or on line at

For More Information

Questions regarding the regulations for hunting and fishing are best addressed by the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, located at:

Pratt Operations Office

512 SE 25th Ave.

Pratt, KS 67124-8174

Ph: (620) 672-5911 

Hunting and Fishing License and Permit Fees

*All prices include automated license fees.
License / Permit Fees
Jr. Furharvestor License $12.50
Adult Furharvestor License $25.00
Combination Fishing and Hunting $45.00
Resident Fishing $25.00
Resident Hunting $25.00
Non-Resident Fishing $50.00
Jr. Non-Resident Hunting $40.00
Non-Resident Hunting $95.00
Controlled Shoot Area $25.00
Five Day Trip Fishing Permit $25.00
24 Hour Fishing Permit $6.00
Three Pole permit $6.00
Trout permit $12.00
State Waterfowl Stamp $8.00
65-74 Resident Combo Hunt/Fish $22.50
65-74 Resident Fish License $12.50
65-74 Resident Hunt License $12.50
65-74 Resident Lifetime Combo $42.50

Additional Permits

*All prices include automated license fees.
Permit Fee
Boat Permit (Valid for 3 years) $42.50