County Lake


Atchison County Lake                                                                           4765 326th Road, Horton, KS 66439                                                 (913)804-6120

The Atchison County Road & Bridge Department is now responsible for maintenance of the property. You will notice changes to maintenance in different areas of the lake due to new policies we have in place for the different hunting and fishing programs that we participate in with Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism (KDWPT).

During the last year the property has also become eligible for public hunting through the iWIHA program that is through the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism. This project is designed to give access to local hunters that may not have areas close by to hunt. We have limited the ground to archery and shotshell hunting. This program also limits the number of hunters allowed on the grounds at one time. This is done by an electronic check-in system which will be monitored by the KDWPT. Areas outside of the camping and fishing areas will no longer be fully maintained. This is to promote wildlife to come back into the area. For more information on the iWIHA program, please visit

The camping area on the northeast corner of the lake will be a camping by permission only area. Reservations to camp in this area may be made by calling the Atchison County Road & Bridge Department at 913-804-6120.

There have been no changes to public fishing. Limits for fish will be posted at the entrance of the lake. 

For more information, please click the Reservations and Camping Information link in the tab on the left.

For any questions, comments, or concerns please contact the Atchison County Road & Bridge Department at 913-804-6120.