Atchison County Resolutions

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Levy a tax not to exceed one mill for county bridges
100106/09/1982Levying Co Gross Earnings Tax Atchison County 1982
100208/18/1982Levying Co Gross Earnings for 1983 and thereafter
100311/10/1982Authorizing a non exclusive community antenna television system franchise
1003a11/29/1982Cooperation agreement on local housing finance law with Labette County
100412/27/1982Noxious Weed Transfer into Noxious Weed Capital Outlay Fund
100512/27/1982Portion of Road #2 be vacated in 29-5-19, Lancaster Township
100612/27/1982Vacation of Road #115 Sec 17 & 18-7-18, Benton Township
100701/12/1983To issue Agricultural Development Bonds with other counties
100801/07/1983De annex S1/2 NW1/4 35-5-20 for City of Atchison
Back Taxes
101001/24/1983Foreclosure of property with delinquent taxes
101103/06/1983Levy Co Gross Earnings Tax for 1984 and Thereafter
101207/25/1983Issuance of IRB by Atchison City to finance Northwest Pipe Improvements
101307/27/1983Cancellation of outstanding County Warrants two years old
101408/01/1983Compensation of County Attorney
101509/26/1983Fixed Assets
101610/10/1983Resignation of Garry Newquist as Director EMS
101710/14/1983Void General Fund Warrant 1596 and replace it with Warrant No. 1636
101810/19/1983Sale of Mineral Rights by public sale
101911/18/1983Sale and issuance of deeds for Mineral Interest
102012/19/1983Cancellation of General Fund Warrant 1939 and replace it with Warrant No. 2030
102101/06/1984Cancellation of General Fund Warrant 203
102202/22/1984Correcting erroneous clerical error on tax assessment for Orville Abramson Mineral Rights
102302/29/1984Cancellation of Ambulance Warrants 1948 to 1957 and replaced with Warrants No. 1974 thru 1983
102403/23/1984Regulations for hauling and disposing of Solid Waste
102503/16/1984Cancellation of Co General Warrant 1115 and replace it with a new warrant issued to District Court
102605/02/1984Cancellation of Appraiser Fund Warrant 735 and replaced with a new warrant
102705/02/1984Cancellation of Nursing Home Warrant #3579 and replaced with a new warrant
102806/18/1984To rebuild bridges in Atchison County to a width of no less than 20 feet
102908/01/1984Abating the outstanding account receivables of Agnes Arensberg from the Noxious Weed Fund
103009/05/1984Election to the voters on imposing a 1% sales tax for improvement of public roads, facilities with Atchison Co and City
103110/03/1984Settlement Agreement as negotiated by the railroads in the Kansas 4R Cases
103210/19/1984Correcting erroneous clerical error on tax assessment of Orville Abramson Mineral Rights
103311/07/1984Cancellation of Special Bridge Warrant 684 and replace with warrant 697
103411/21/1984Annexation of Land for Shannon Industrial Park
103503/08/1985Cancellation of Nursing Home Warrant # 2214A
1035 A12/30/1984Cancellation of County General Warrant # 3882
103603/11/1985Cancellation of Road & Bridge Warrant # 3648 and replaced with Warrant # 4129
103707/10/1985Sale of Lot 12, Block 8, City of Huron
103807/24/1985Transferring $4,117.59 from Road & Bridge into Special Machinery Fund
103907/24/1985Transferring $94,000.00 from Road & Bridge into Special Machinery Fund
104007/24/1985Transferring $5,000.00 from Noxious Weed Fund into Noxious Weed Capitol Outlay 1983
104107/24/1985Transferring $5,000.00 from Noxious Weed Fund into Noxious Weed Capitol Outlay 1984
104211/15/1985Cooperation Agreement on Local Residential Housing Finance Law
104303/07/1986Unlawfully using weapons on property owned or maintained by Atchison County
104404/18/1986Banning together with other counties on legal representation for the rural housing
104504/21/1986Cancellation of Appraiser Warrant # 1247 and replace with Warrant # 1250
104605/05/1986Cancellation of Nursing Home Warrant # 5507 and replace with Warrant # 799
104705/21/1986Request by B & D to vacate a public road
104806/11/1986Request by City of Atchison to dissolve a nuisance abatement lien 
104907/14/1986Amending Description of road to be vacated by B & D Equipment
105008/08/1986Transferring $145,947.00 from Road & Bridge into Special Machinery Fund 1985
1050 A07/21/1986Decline of vacation of West 1/2 of Road 224 in Shannon Twp 12/5/20 & 13/5/20
105109/05/1986Cancellation of County Warrants two years old or older
105209/05/1986Cancellation of Nursing Home Warrant # 920 and replace with Warrant # 204
Division of rock be equally divided among all quarries
105404/17/1987Speed Limit along Mt. Vernon Road from Mt. Vernon Cemetery to City Limits set to 30 MPH
105507/24/1987Cancellation of County General Warrant # 9323 and replace with Warrant # 9541
105607/24/1987Cancellation of Solid Waste Warrant # 3032 and replace with Warrant # 3068
10571987Designating non smoking areas
1057 A10/07/1987Purchasing Policy
105802/03/1988Authorizing the execution and delivery of a cooperation agreement to the Kansas Local Residential Housing Finance Law 
105906/29/1988Burning when there is a lack of moisture
106006/29/1988Refund of properties purchased in tax sale
106107/01/1988Supporting the re-opening of Vliets to Parnell Railroad Line
106208/03/1988Putting a question of the ballot for sales tax
106309/21/1988Speed Limit reduction on Old Highway 73 south to St. Pat’s turnoff to 45 MPH
106411/09/1988Cancellation of County General Warrant # 2506 replaced with Warrant # 145
10651988Voided accounts receivable that have not been collected at the Atchison Senior Village for five years
106603/01/1989Sale of property on tax sale
106703/15/1989To allow Cereal Malt Beverage on Sunday
106803/13/1989Burning Ban
106904/12/1989Cancelling outstanding warrants five years old or older
107005/11/1989Construction requirements of electric fences
107106/12/1989Vacation of Road No. 192 Shannon Township 16 & 15 5-20
107207/28/1989Refunding back money from tax sale property purchased by Steve Caplinger
107310/16/1989Cancellation of Co General Warrant 2030, replaced with Warrant 2861
107410/27/1989Purchasing property from USD #409 for $8, 100 in Block 96, Old Atchison
107511/03/1989Allowing hunting on county property known as County Lake
107601/01/1990Adopting the policy and procedures for Atchison County Employees
107712/01/1989Errors on property on tax rolls
107803/28/1990Cancellation of ASV Warrant 1308, replaced with warrant 1914
107903/28/1990Cancelling outstanding warrants that are two years old or older
108004/27/1990Vacating certain alleys in Arrington, Block 5 Kapioma Township
108107/16/1990Not accepting waste tires at Transfer Station 1 & 2
108201/07/1991Cancellation of Co General Warrants 1732 & 1938, Replacing with Warrants 1732A & 1738A
108301/09/1991Cancelling outstanding warrants that are two years old or older
108401/09/1991Establishing a policy for providing health insurance for county employees
108503/20/1991Establishing a solid waste fee for Atchison County Property owners
108604/24/1991Cancellation of Co General Warrant 2171, Replacing with Warrant 2172A
108704/24/1991Establishing a limited and temporary moratorium on the establishment and construction of salvage yards pending adoption of sanitary codes
108806/05/1991Establishing a limited and temporary moratorium on salvage yards
108909/23/1991Transfer $9,550.35 from Co General Maintenance Fund into Co General Capitol Outlay and Improvement Fund
109007/19/1991Establishing policy & procedures tax exemptions and incentives for Economic Development
109101/27/1992Enterprise zone and incentives
109201/27/1992Establishing an enterprise zone within Atchison County
109301/29/1992Establishing 75 Cent charge for 911
109408/10/1992Establishing cooperation agreement pursuant to KSA 12-2908
109512/30/1992Establishing a Regional Economic Development Organization
109612/31/1992Cancellation of Co General Warrant 7970, replacing with Warrant 8211
109701/01/1993Supporting a regional strategic plan (Rescinded 2/26/1993)
109901/28/1993Judicial foreclosure on tax sale
110002/26/1993Rescinding Resolution # 1097, adopting new resolution on Strategic Planning
110102/26/1993Finalizing the Strategic Plan
110202/26/1993Purchases made by County Departments
110304/30/1993All Terrain vehicles at County Lake
110405/24/1993911 Addressing for County Residences
110506/25/19931% Sales Tax for Joint Communication and Solid Waste
110606/21/1993Joint Resolution and Ordinance for Joint Communications (Rescinded 3/18/2014 with Resolution 2014-1390)
1106A08/11/1993Transfer $8,597.40 from Sooner Reappraisal to the Reappraisal Account
110708/11/1993To Purchase land for Transfer Station NW1/4 1-6-19
110808/11/1993Levying a 1% Sales Tax Countywide
110908/30/1993Conveyance of Real Estate 1-6-19
111011/03/1993Equipment Lease Purchase Dispatching Equipment
111111/01/1993Prohibiting Yard Waste at County Landfill
111212/17/1993Providing for time clock by All County Employees
111301/24/1994Long Distance Phone Calls
111401/24/1994Use of County Vehicles
111501/26/1994Establish Personal Days
111601/26/1994Organizational Meeting for 1994
111701/27/1994Designating County Doctors for work related injuries
111803/30/1994Approving Annexation of property in City of Atchison SW1/4 26-5-20
111903/30/1994Camping permits at County Lake (Rescinded 05/02/1994)
112005/02/1994Revision of Camping Permits at County Lake Rescinded Resolution # 1119 (Rescinded 02/03/1999)
112105/18/1994Levy Taxes for Mental Health Services
112206/10/1994Work Release for Inmates
112306/29/1994Reimbursement of Expenditures from Bond Money for work at ASV
112407/06/1994Commercial Truck on County Asphalt Roads
112507/08/1994Promoting Economic Growth and Development
112607/08/1994Real Estate sold at Tax Sale
112708/24/1994Declaring Sericea Lespedoza as a Noxious Weed
112808/24/1994Adopting names of roads in Atchison County for 911
112911/21/1994Authorizing the County to levy not to exceed 2 mills to remodel older part of ASV
113012/21/1994County Jail to be smoke free
113101/30/1995Cancellation of Co General Warrant 12606, Replacing with Warrant 12857
113203/01/1995Cancelling outstanding warrants two years old or older
113304/17/1995Authorizing sale of 1.4 million in general obligation bonds
113404/17/1995Designating a revitalization area for Atchison County
113505/03/1995Modifying agreement with the State of Kansas and Social Security on SS and Medicare coverage on Election Board Wages
113605/10/1995On Issuing General Obligation Bonds for Nursing Home
1136A08/02/1995Interlocal Agreement between City of Atchison and USD # 409 on NRA
113708/02/1995Interlocal Agreement between City of Effingham and USD # 377 on NRA
113808/16/1995Housing of City of Atchison Inmates
113908/30/1995Amending Personnel Policy on Orientation
114009/15/1995Cancellation of CO General Warrant 15387, Replacing with Warrant 15727
114111/17/1995Sale of Property by Sealed Bid
114202/21/1995Ratifying City of Atchison Ordinance No. 5092 Vacating Fourteenth St. between "O" and "P" Bakewell Heights
114303/01/1996Supporting Strategic Plan for Economic Development
114403/20/1996Cancellation of Co General Warrant 14603 and 14834, Replacing with Warrant 14985
114506/14/1996Support for Regional Strategic Plan
114606/18/1996Cancellation of Road Warrant 16663, Replacing with Warrant 16140
1146A06/14/1996Confirming a Regional Economic Development Organization has been Established
114707/26/1996Clarifying Resolution #1129 Payment of Bonds for ASV
114810/04/1996Cancelling Checks issued by the County Treasurer that are Outstanding
114910/09/1996County Support of Regional Strategic Plan and Regional Incentives
115001/08/1997Cancellation of Co General Warrant 15585, Replacing with Warrant 17040
115102/05/1997Supporting the Improvement of the Infrastructure System at Shannon Industrial Park 
115202/28/1997Stating that Intangible Taxes in Certain Townships be Abated as per SBTA Order
115303/07/1997Cancelling Outstanding Warrants that are Two Years Old or Older
1153A03/14/1997Ordering Tax Sale of Delinquent Real Estate
115404/16/1997Support of Strategic Plan for Atchison County
115504/28/1997Cancellation of Community Correction Warrant 17651 and Reissue Warrant 66
115605/28/1997Passing of the Revitalization Plan
115706/27/1997Cancellation of ASV Warrant #557 and Reissue Warrant 896
115807/07/1997Cancellation of Law Enforcement Warrant #577 and Reissue Warrant #985
115908/01/1997Cancellation of ASV Warrant #1311 and Reissue Warrant #1702
116008/06/1997Appointment of James Lampe as County Appraiser for four years
116110/15/1997Not to abate or refund any taxes prior to 1989
116211/10/1997Establishing assistance to other counties, cities and townships during disasters
116301/09/1998Cancellation of Road Warrant #7901 and Reissue Warrant #7997
116402/06/1998Cancelling outstanding warrants that are two years old or older
116502/25/1998Asking legislature to remove caps on the demand transfer state aid program from the state general fund
116602/27/1998Special Election to impose a 1/2 cent sales tax to finance building a Law Enforcement Center
116704/03/1998Cancellation of County General Warrant #19309 and Reissue Warrant #20015
116805/01/1998Interlocal Agreement with cities of Effingham, Muscotah, Huron, Atchison, USD #377 and other municipalities who have adopted the Neighborhood Revitalization Program
116905/01/1998Adopting a Neighborhood Revitalization Program
117004/27/1998Authorizing the levy of a one half percent countywide sales tax
117105/20/1998Authorizing the sale of General Obligation Sales Tax Bonds Series 1998-A
117207/27/1998Bond Sale
117310/14/1998Adoption of Sanitary Codes
117402/03/1999Rescinding Resolution #1120 requiring camping permits at the County Lake
117502/05/1999Cancelling County Warrants outstanding for two years or older
117602/24/1999Cancellation of ASV Warrant #24510 and Reissue Warrant
117708/04/1999Cancellation of County General Warrant #25396 and Reissue Warrant
117808/27/1999Applying for the Small City Community Development Block Grant Program
117908/27/1999Taxation Policy of the Board of Atchison County Commissioners for 2020 Budget Year
118009/01/1999Support for Fire District #5
118110/01/1999Amending the Commercial Truck over County Roadways Policy
118212/01/1999Support of Regional Strategic Plan and Regional Incentives
118305/15/2000Cancellation of ASV Warrant #27659 and Reissue Warrant
118407/03/2000Appointing the County Clerk as Freedom of Information Officer for Atchison County
Establishing a rotation on towing call list
118612/04/2000Supporting Environmental Solutions to problems on water
118701/08/2001Cooperation Agreement with Sedgwick County on Residential Housing Finance Law
118801/10/2001Interlocal Agreement with other NEK Counties for Environmental Problems with Water
118902/26/2001Applying for the Small Cities Community Development Block Grant Program
119002/26/2001Long Range Financing of Operations and Maintenance Cost associated with the New House Project
119102/26/2001To Seek Funding for City of Huron and City of Lancaster to build Fire Station #5 Building
119203/07/2001Cancelling County Warrants Outstanding two years or older
119303/07/2001Cancellation of Atchison County Joint Communication Warrant #3018 and Reissue Warrant
119404/18/2001Waiving GAAP Requirements for 2000 Audit 
119504/18/2001Waiving GAAP Requirements for 2001 Audit
119608/22/2001Naming BG Engineers, Manhattan as acting County Engineer to repair or replace two bridges
119709/04/2001Selling General Obligation Bonds to Repair Bridge
119809/05/2001Authorizing Execution of an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement respecting the improvement of Brookdale Road with the City of Atchison
119909/07/2001Naming Kansas Highway 7 as the Kansas Scenic Byway
120009/10/2001Property Taxation Policy Financing the 2002 Annual Budget 
120109/11/2001Expressing Grief and Anger at the Terrorist Events of 9-11
120209/19/2001Cancellation of County General Warrant #5858 and Reissue Warrant
120310/24/2001Public Sale of GO Bonds Bridge 2001A
120411/14/2001Bond Resolution
120512/01/2002Resolution to joint KCAMP
120602/11/2002Entering into an interlocal agreement with other NEK Co Commissioners to continue to address environmental problems
120702/13/2002Cancellation of County General Warrant # 7414
120803/22/2002Cancellation of County General Warrant #7433 and Reissue Warrant
120904/26/2002Cancellation of County General Warrant #9085 and Reissue Warrant
121005/01/2002Selling of Real Estate due to Delinquent Taxes
121306/28/2002Authorizing of an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement and Escrow Trust Agreement on KS Retailers Sales Tax Proceeds
121407/31/2002Cancellation of County General Warrant # 7099 and Reissue Warrant
121508/09/2002Cancellation of County General Warrant # 32464 and Reissue Warrant
121608/30/2002Cancellation of County General Warrant # 1047 and Reissue Warrant
121709/30/2002Public Sale of $965,000 of General Obligation Refunding Bonds for ASV
121810/02/2002For Optional Life Insurance for KP&F
121910/02/2002Transfer of KPERS to KP&F
122010/04/2002Bid Policy
122110/18/2002Cancellation of County General Warrant # 2254 and Reissue Warrant
122211/20/2002Authorizing General Obligation Refunding Bonds in the amount of $970,000 
122312/04/2002Atchison County as a named party in legal action by KAC to demand transfer payment reductions by the State of Kansas
122401/06/2003Cancelling County Warrants Outstanding two years old or older
122501/10/2003Supporting Casey’s Law
122601/15/2003To Belong to KCAMP a Self Insured Pool
122706/04/2003Naming a HIPA Representative for Atchison County
122806/18/2003Adopting a Booking and Processing Fee (Rescinded 01/07/2020)
122906/18/2003Payments by Inmates to Defray Maintenance Costs
123007/23/2003Waiving GAAP Requirements for 2003 Audit
123109/03/2003Expressing the Property Taxation Policy of the BOCC with respect to Financing the 2004 Annual Budget
123209/22/2003Reappointing a Representative for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act for Atchison County
123311/21/2003Burn Ban Policy (Rescinded 03/07/2012 with Resolution No. 2012-1348)
123410/17/2003Judicial Foreclosure of Real Estate
123502/06/2004Opening Sexually Oriented Businesses in Rural Atchison
123602/24/2004Atchison County Solid Waste Management Plan
Burn Ban Rescinding Section 5 Policy (Rescinded 3/7/2012 Resolution No. 2012-1348)
123804/14/2004Atchison County Adult Entertainment Code
123904/30/2004Terminating the 1/2 Cent Sales Tax
124005/05/2004Terminating the 1/2 Cent Sales Tax
124105/14/2004To Chip and Seal the Access Road to Lewis and Clark Bike Trail
124208/04/2004Cancellation of County General Warrant # 105759 and Reissue Warrant
124309/17/2004Releasing Certain Lands from Rural Water District #1
124412/06/2004Supporting the Native American Casinos Located in Brown County
124512/10/2004Waiving GAAP Requirements for the 2004 Audit
124601/05/2005To Apply for the Small Cities Community Development Block
124701/07/2005To Join KCAMP
124801/14/2005Canceling Outstanding County Warrant two years old or older
124901/14/2005Cancelling County General Warrant # 17159 and Reissue Warrant
125002/28/2005Not to Vacate a Road in Block 1, Potter, KS
125103/07/2005Support of the Regional Strategic Plan
125203/07/2005Reconfirming a Regional Economic Development Organization has been Established
125305/09/2005Cancellation of County Road Warrant # 109363 and Reissue Warrant
125408/01/2005Setting Speed Limit on Atchison County River Road segment to 40MPH
125508/03/2005Cancelling Law Enforcement Payroll Warrant
125608/03/2005Cancelling Outstanding County Warrants two years or older
125708/22/2005Transferring the surplus one half cent sales tax into the County General Fund and then to Transfer $200,000 into Law Enforcement Capitol Outlay Fund and $128,236  into the County General Capitol Outlay Miscellaneous Fund
125809/26/2005Designating the NIMS to be used for Planning, Responding and Recovery in case of a Disaster
125910/03/2005Cancellation of County General Warrant # 15351 and Reissue Warrant # 21662
126010/31/2005Establishing the Flood Plain Program (Rescinded 07/10/2014, Resolution No. 2014-1393)
126111/30/2005Selling of Cereal Malt Beverage on Sundays
126212/19/2005Judicial Foreclosure of Delinquent Real Estate
126301/04/2006Waiving GAAP Requirements for 2005 Audit
126401/23/2006Participating in the NFIP
126502/15/2006Cancellation of Joint Communication Warrant # 1979 and Reissue Warrant # 2167
126604/03/2006Rescinding Resolution No. 1120 Revising Camping Permits at the County Lake
126705/03/2006Disposition of Surplus Property
126806/12/2006Special Election on 1/4 cent Sale Tax for the Sports Complex
126908/09/2006Restrictions on Entry and Use of Independence Creek Lewis and Clerk Historical Site
127008/16/2006Authorizing the Imposition of a Special 1/4% Countywide Retailers Sales Tax
127111/06/2006Cancelling Outstanding Warrants that are two years old or older
127211/27/2006Interlocal Agreement with the City of Atchison for the Creation of the Atchison County Economic Development Board
127301/08/2007Waiving GAAP Requirements for 2006 Audit
127401/08/2007Waiving GAAP Requirements for 2007 Audit
127501/22/2007Cancellation of County Warrants to Cellular One and Reissue Warrants
127601/31/2007Supporting Keeping The Driver’s License at Local Level
127808/22/20072008 Annual Budget to Exceed their Limit
127908/29/2007Appointing Clark Land Surveying PA as the Deputy Atchison County Surveyor
128009/12/2007Naming Clark Land Surveying PA as the County Surveyor
128110/17/2007Applying for the 2008 Small Cities Community Development Block Grant Program
128210/24/2007Continually Provide for the Operation & Maintenance of Improvements of Memorial Hall
128312/03/2007Issuing 2007 IRB for Benedictine College Dorms
128512/26/2007Petition for Annexation of Certain Lands into City of Atchison
128612/31/2007Repealing Chapter 8 Workplace Safety from Substance Abuse from the Personnel Policy of Atchison County
128701/28/2008Cancelling Outstanding Warrant that are two years old or older
128802/04/2008Establishing a Smoking Policy
128902/04/2008Establishing an Inclement Weather Policy
129002/11/2008Cancellation of Atchison County Noxious Weed Warrant # 31661 and Reissue Warrant
129103/03/2008Judicial Foreclosure on Delinquent Real Estate
129206/16/2008Cancellation of Atchison Senior Village Warrant # 5243 and Reissue Warrant
129308/20/2008Speed Limit along Sedgwick Road Between 298th and 314th Rd to 45 MPH
129409/03/20082009 Annual Budget to Exceed Levy Authority
129509/10/2008Endorsing Transportation Improvements for Atchison County
129610/22/2008To Apply for the 2009 Kansas Small Cities Community Development Block Grant
129710/22/2008That Funds will be Continually Provided for the Operation and Maintenance of Improvements for Memorial Hall
129812/01/2008Endorsing Transportation Improvement for the County of Atchison
129901/12/2009Waiving the GAAP Requirements for the 2008 Audit
130001/12/2009Waiving the GAAP Requirements for the 2009 Audit
130101/26/2009Cancelling Outstanding County Warrants that are two years old or older
130201/26/2009Cancellation of County General Warrant # 36850 and Reissue Warrant with # 37050
130302/02/2009Confirming a Regional Economic Development Organization
130402/02/2009County Support of Regional Strategic Plan and Regional Incentives
130502/11/2009Cancellation of County Road Warrant # 36861 and Reissue Warrant # 37359
130607/27/2009Cancellation of County General Warrant # 39331 and Reissue Warrant # 39337
130707/29/2009Cancellation of County General Warrant # 39073 and Reissue Warrant # 39443
130809/02/2009Setting Speed Limit on Deer Run in September Hill to 30 MPH
130909/14/2009Cancellation of County General Warrant # 38439 and Election Warrant # 38515 and Reissue Warrants # 40111 and #40131
131009/23/2009Cancellation of Law Enforcement Warrant #. 39176 and reissue with Warrant # 40128
131209/28/2009Atchison County Solid Waste Management Plan
131310/12/2009Establishment of an Emergency Agency
131410/26/2009Authorizing sale of Lot 1 to Fire District #1
131512/30/2009Waving the GAAP Requirements for the 2010 Audit
131612/23/2009Exempting certain recording fees at Register of Deeds Office
131701/13/2010Agreement with KCAMP on insurance coverage
131803/17/2010Prohibiting Alcoholic Beverages at the Atchison Sports Complex
131903/17/2010Delegating Authority to Atchison Sports Activities and Fitness Inc for Atchison Sports Complex
132004/26/2010KPERS Optional Life Insurance
132105/10/2010Noise Limitations
132205/10/2010Notification to City on Road for Annexation County Club Road
132307/12/2010Cancelling Outstanding Warrants that are two years old or older
132407/12/2010Cancellation of Community Correction Warrant No 43073 and Reissued
132508/16/2010Cancellation of Law Enforcement Warrant No 43039, Reissued with Warrant 43812
132609/01/2010Judicial Foreclosure and Sale of Real Estate Tax Liens
132710/06/2010Supporting Maintaining Retention of Judges instead of Electing Them
132810/13/2010Assuring KDOC of continuance support of Maintenance on Courthouse Elevator
132910/13/2010Legal Authority to apply for the 2011 CDBG
133012/06/2010Withdrawing from inter local agreement on Economic Development
133112/29/2010Civil Rights / Fair Housing Policy
133201/03/2011Cancellation of Atchison Senior Village Payroll Warrant # 12546 and Reissue Warrant
133301/10/2011Modifying the Atchison County Bid Policy
133402/15/2011Supporting continuance of the KS Local Environmental Protection Program and funding
133501/14/2011Nuisance Resolution
133603/14/2011Multi Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan
133704/11/2011Cancellation of Payroll Warrant # 12902 and Reissue Warrant
133805/02/2011Concerning the use of Engine Brakes on Vehicles
133907/13/2011Support of AT&T's plan to bring 4G Wireless to Atchison County
2011-134008/08/2011Biennial Occupation or License Tax Drinking Establishments RESCINDED
2011-134109/12/2011Financing the 2012 Annual Budget for Atchison County
2011-134210/17/2011To Issue Educational Facilities Revenue Bonds for Benedictine College
2011-134312/07/2011Cancellation of County Warrant to IKON
2012-134401/04/2012Registration of Scrap Metal Dealers
2012-134501/04/2012Waiving the GAAP Requirements for the 2011 Audit
2012-134601/17/2012Cancelling Two Year Old Warrants
2012-134702/15/2012Establishing the Atchison County 911 Fund and Combining Enhanced and E911 Funds
2012-134803/07/2012Burn Ban and Rescinding Resolutions 1233 & 1237
2012-134904/16/2012Sales Tax Refunding Revenue Bonds Sports Complex
2012-135004/16/2012Tax & Securities Compliance Procedures
2012-135104/16/2012Educational Facilities Revenue Bonds Benedictine
Lease Agreement for Energy Related to Maur Hill
2012-135406/27/2012Setting Solid Waste Service Fee on Real Estate
2012-135509/21/20122013 County Budget Exceeding the Amount of Tax Levied
2012-135612/03/2012Waiving the GAAP Requirements for the 2012 Audit
2013-135701/22/2013Disposition of 1991 Ford E350 Ambulance as Surplus Property
2013-135802/04/2013Resolution Supporting City of Atchison to KDAT Enhancement funds on River Road
2013-135902/20/2013Interlocal Agreement between City of Atchison, Atchison Hospital, and Atchison County for Financing and Equipping New Telecommunication Equipment
2013-136003/04/2013To Issue Educational Facilities Revenue Bonds for Benedictine College
2013-136103/18/2013Opening of Facilities during Periods of Inclement Weather
2013-136203/26/2013Cancelled Atchison Senior Village Warrant # 53466, Reissue with # 56256
2013-136304/26/2013Cancelled General Warrant # 56242
2013-136404/29/2013Resolution of Findings Concerning the Annexation of Land to the Atchison Airport into the City of Atchison
2013-136505/01/2013Re-organizing and Expanding the Territory of Atchison County Fire District #2
2013-136606/26/2013Setting a Service Fee for Solid Waste, Assessing the Fee on Real Property Owners and Setting the Manner of Collection (RESCINDED 10/22/2013, Resolution No. 2013-1376)
2013-136705/29/2013Re-organizing and Expanding the Territory of Atchison Fire District #3
2013-137008/26/2013Cancelled General Warrant # 55750 and Reissue Warrant
2013-137109/03/2013Issuing Educational Facilities Revenue Bonds Benedictine College
2013-137209/03/2013Appointing Appraiser, James B. Lampe
2013-137310/08/2013Rural Speed Limits for certain locations within Atchison County (Rescinded 10/14/2014, Resolution No. 2014-1397)
2013-137410/15/2013Cancelled Senior Village Warrant # 56541 and Reissue Warrant
2013-137610/22/2013Rescinding and Repealing Resolution No. 2013-1366 to abolish Solid Waste Fees
2013-137710/28/2013Cancelled General Warrant # 54896 and Reissue Warrant
2013-137810/28/2013Inter-local Cooperation Agreement for Neighborhood Revitalization Plan
2013-137911/05/2013Approving Educational Facilities Revenue Bonds with Benedictine College Series 2013C
2013-138011/19/2013Approving Bylaws and Interlocal Cooperation Agreement with KCAMP
2013-138112/03/2013Establishing User Rates (Tipping Fees) for the Transfer Station
2013-138312/31/2013Processing and Mapping Original Land Descriptions Requiring a Survey
2013-138401/14/2014Cancelled General Warrant # 58817and Reissue Warrant
2014-138501/21/2014Promulgating Atchison County Emergency Operations Plan
2014-138601/21/2014Urging Kansas Legislature and Gov Brownback to retain Mortgage Registration Fees
2014-138701/21/2014Condemnation and Appropriation of Certain Real Estate for the Dalbey Bottoms Bridge
2014-138801/28/2014Cancelling Two Year Old Warrants
2014-138902/26/2014Waiving the GAAP Requirements for the 2013 Audit
2014-139003/18/2014 Establishing a Jt. Communication Board and Rescinding Resolution 1106
2014-139105/06/2014Judicial Foreclosure and Sale of Real Estate Tax Liens
2014-139205/20/2014Revising Interlocal Agreement with Northeast Kansas Environmental Services 
2014-139307/10/2014Adopting New Floodplain Regulations and Rescinding Resolution # 1260
2014-139406/17/2014Revising Interlocal Agreement with Northeast Kansas Environmental Services 
2014-139509/02/2014Vacation of a Portion of Road in Shannon Township S8-T6-R20 
2014-139609/23/2014Establishing Rules for Atchison County Lake (REPEALED 3/20/2018, Resolution No. 2018-1436)
2014-139710/14/2014Modifying Rural Speed Limits for certain locations within Atchison County 
2014-139811/18/2014Adopting NEK Multi-Hazard, Multi-Jurisdiction Hazard Mitigation Plan
2014-139911/18/2014Approve Proposed Extension District



Establishing method of disposal of Personal and Real Estate



Waiving 2012 requirements for county for county on cash basis and financial basis



Atchison County intention to contribute funds to the YMCA Capital Campaign



Tipping fees, establishing user fees (2013-1375)



Voiding outstanding checks as per KSA 10-815



Adoption of the Solid Waste Management Plan



Authorizing collection of an application fee for court appointed counsel



Designating Morton Road Between Hwy 59 and 238th Rd as a county major collector road



Resolution to lease, purchased and or finance with Cat Financial Atchison County Road Department



Local state of Emergency Disaster Proclamation



Cancelled check issued to KERIT



Property tax policy on financing 2016 annual budget



Resolution of findings on annexation of land adjacent to the Shannon Industrial park into City of Atchison



Lease purchase of oil distributor with Exchange Bank



Establishing an Ambulance Advisory Board



Waiving 2015 requirements for county on cash basis and financial basis



Revenue bonds Series 2016B Benedictine College



Cancelling outstanding checks



Judicial Foreclosure and sale of Real Estate tax liens




Atchison County Tobacco-free recreation facilities



Sales Tax Refunding bonds Atchison County Sports Complex 2016A



KPERS to KP&F police officers and firefighters



Waiving 2016 requirements for county on cash basis and financial basis



Information Officer



Appointing Appraiser



K-Camp Bylaws and Interlocal Agreement



Agreement for Lease purchase with Exchange Bank



Prohibiting Concealed Carry and Unconcealed Carry



Benedictine College Refunding Bonds



Benedictine College Revenue Bonds



Minimum Maintenance Roads



Concerning Judicial Foreclosure and Sale of Real Estate Tax Liens



Declaring Certain Roads as Minimum Maintenance Roads

2018-14342/1/2018MOU for aid in fiber build at Shannon Industrial Park
2018-14353/20/2018Agreement for Lease purchase with Exchange Bank
2018-14363/20/2018Modifying Rules at the County Lake
2018-14376/12/2018Benedictine College 2018 Bond
2018-14386/19/2018Issuance of Bridge Bond
2018-14396/19/2018Vacation of Roads in Arrington
2018-14408/21/2018GO Bonds Series 2018
2018-14418/21/2018Policy and Procedures for Utility County ROW Work
8/28/2018Authority to Apply for the KS MIH Grant
2018-144310/23/2018911 Locator Signage
2018-144411/20/2018Waiving GAAP for 2017 audit
2018-144511/20/2018Waiving GAAP for 2018 Audit
2018-144612/18/2018YMCA Grant Assignment Resolution
2019-14471/14/2019Waiving GAAP for 2019 Audit
2019-14481/29/2019Lease Purchase Agreement with Exchange Bank & Trust
2019-14493/26/2019Moving of Buildings and Structures in Atchison County
2019-14504/30/2019MARC Agreement with Joint Communication
2019-14516/4/2019Intent to Issue IRB for 1913, LLC
2019-14526/11/2019Appointment of Appraiser (Thompson)
2019-14536/25/2019Atchison County Emergency Operations Plan
2019-14547/3/20192018 Bridge Bond
2019-14557/3/2019Substitute of Bridge Bond Improvements
2019-14567/3/2019Reimbursement for Jurors of Atchison County
2019-14579/3/2019Kansas Homeland Security Region K Hazard Mitigation Plan
2019-145810/29/2019Lease Purchase Agreement with Exchange Bank & Trust
2020-14591/7/2020Collection and Disbursement of Booking and Processing Fees
2020-14601/13/2020Waiving GAAP for 2020 Audit
2020-14612/4/2020Authorizing Benedictine College Educational Facilities Revenue Bonds
2020-14622/11/2020Judicial Foreclosure and Sale of Real Estate Tax Sale Liens
2020-14633/3/2020Authorizing Benedictine College Educational Facilities Revenue Bonds
2020-14643/17/2020COVID 19 Public Health Emergency Resolution
2020-14653/24/2020Atchison County Solid Waste Management Plan
2020-14665/12/2020Liquor by the Drink 
2020-14675/15/2020Extending COVID-10 Public Health Emergency Resolution
2020-14685/26/2020Confirming Emergency Order of Local Health Officer
2020-14696/16/2020Authorizing Benedictine College Educational Facilities Revenue Bonds
7/7/2020Atchison County SPARK Resolution
2020-14717/7/2020Second Resolution Extending Disaster Declaration
2020-14729/9/2020Third Resolution Extending Disaster Declaration
2020-147311/17/2020Fourth Resolution Extending Disaster Declaration
2020-147411/17/2020Amendment to the Atchison County Cafeteria Plan with Flexible Spending Arrangement
2021-147501/11/2021Fifth Resolution Extending Disaster Declaration
2021-147601/11/2021Waiving of GAAP Requirement for the 2021 Audit
2021-147702/16/2021Board Support of SB 87
2021-147802/23/2021Establishing a Meeting Schedule for the Board of County Commissioners 
2021-147904/13/2021Sixth Resolution Extending Disaster Declaration
2021-148005/25/2021Authority to Apply for the 2021 Kansas Small Cities Community Development Block Grant
2021-148106/01/2021Appointing Appraiser (Thompson)
2021-148206/08/2021Authorizing Participation in Rural Opportunity Zone Student Loan Repayment Program